Festival Leadership


Audio Competition

Faculty Audio Chair:

Kyle Miller, University of South Dakota | kyle.j.miller@usd.edu

Student Audio Chair:

Jeffrey Schiffman, York College of Pennsylvania | jschiffm@ycp.edu

Documentary Competition

Faculty Documentary Chair:

Kathleen Ryan, University of Colorado-Boulder | kathleen.ryan@colorado.edu

Student Documentary Chair:

James Machado, Millersville University | jamesemachado42@gmail.com

Film & Video Competition

Senior Faculty Film & Video Competition Chair:

Marilyn Terzic, Université du Québec à Montréal | Marilyn.terzic@gmail.com

Senior Student Film & Video Competition Chair:

Ginger Blackstone, Harding University | gblackstone@harding.edu

Animation/Experimental/Mixed Chair:

John Conway, Lynn University | jconway@lynn.edu

Instructional/Educational Chair:

Phillip Powell, Trinity Christian College | Phillip.Powell@trnty.edu

Music Video Chair:

Houston Wells, University of Florida | hwells@jou.ufl.edu

Narrative Video Chair:

John Doyle, Cabrini University | jcd725@cabrini.edu

Ronald Johnson, Wartburg College | ronald.johnson@wartburg.edu

Spots Chair (between 15 and 90 seconds):

Bruce Getz, Columbus State University | getz_bruce1@columbusstate.edu

Promotional Chair (Promo material from 90 seconds to 30 minutes):

Dave Madsen, Morningside College | madsend@morningside.edu

Studio Chair (multi-camera or live-to-tape):

Geoff Thompson, University of Florida | gthompson@jou.ufl.edu

Interactive Multimedia & Emerging Technologies (IMET) Competition

Faculty IMET Chair:

Danielle Deavours, University of Montevallo | ddeavour@montevallo.edu

Faculty IMET Vice-Chair:

Ed Youngblood, Auburn University | ney0002@auburn.edu

Student IMET Chair:

John Marc Green, Samford University | jgreen15@samford.edu

Student IMET Vice-Chair:

Todd O’Neill, Middle Tennessee State University | todd.oneill@mtsu.edu


News Competition

News Senior Chair:

Chandra Clark, The University of Alabama | Chandra.clark@ua.edu

Faculty News Chair:

Brian Rackham, Northern Arizona University | brian.rackham@nau.edu

Student Radio Chair:

Tanya Ott, Mercer University | ott-fulmore_tl@mercer.edu

Student Television Feature Chair (3:00 or under):

James Schiffman, Georgia College & State University | james.schiffman@gmail.com

Student Television Feature Long Chair (over 3:00):

Christine Eschenfelder, Middle Tennessee State University | Christine.Eschenfelder@mtsu.edu

Student Television Hard News Chair:

Danielle Deavours, University of Montevallo | ddeavour@montevallo.edu

Student TV Anchor Chair:

Bob Gould, Michigan State | bgouldmsu@gmail.com

Student TV Weathercaster Chair:

Heather Dunn, Arizona State University | hdunn4@asu.edu

Student Newscast-3 Days or Less Chair:

Kirstin Pellizzaro, University of South Carolina | l kirstinp@mailbox.sc.edu

Student Newscast-4 Days or More Chair:

Bruce Finklea, University of Montevallo | bfinklea@montevallo.edu

Student Newsmagazine Chair:

Harrison Hove, University of Florida | hchove@ufl.edu

Scriptwriting Competition

Faculty Scriptwriting Chair:

Jon Mabee, Missouri State University | jmabee@missouristate.edu

Student Scriptwriting Co-Chairs:

Marty Shafer, Oakland University | mdshafer@oakland.edu

Kyle Bergeson, University of Oklahoma | kbergersen@ou.edu


Sports Competition

Sports Senior Chair:

Eric Esterline, University of Florida | eesterline@jou.ufl.edu

Faculty Sports Chair:

John Shrader, University of Nebraska – Lincoln | john.shrader@unl.edu

Student Sports Co-Chairs:

Suzy Smith, Ball State University | sjsmith@bsu.edu

Colin Walker, Valdosta State University | colwalker@valdosta.edu


Two-YearColleges Competition

Bob Maass, Metropolitan Community College | bmaass@mccneb.edu


International Competition

Faculty & Student Chair:

Tom Hallaq, Kansas State University | thallaq@ksu.edu