2017 Winners

Audio Competition

Faculty Audio “Best of” Festival Award: Don Connelly & Dr. Bruce H. Frazier, Western Carolina University
Blackbeard’s Ghost and the Queen Anne’s Revenge (Long-Form Production Category)

Student Audio “Best of” Festival Award: Tim Ning, Adam Walker, Alex Laney & Alex Cathey, Northwest Missouri State University
Lifted – Audio Replacement (Multimedia Sound Design Category)

Faculty Audio Competition

Long-Form Production Category

Best of Competition: Chris Nelson, Michelle Mihalko & Preeda Thaiwatcharamas, Liberty University
Episode 4 – The Peak of Reliance – Part 1

Short-Form Production Category

Best of Competition: Will Anderson, Central Michigan University
The tortoise and the hare: An Aesop’s fable designed for ASD audience social skills education

Student Audio Competition

SA1 Air Personality Category

1st Place: Adam P. Christian, University of Scranton
WUSR Electronic Music Showcase – Adam Christian Radio Personality Reel

2nd Place: Daisy Moreira, University of La Verne
Miss Daisy

3rd Place: JD Hershberger, Goshen College
JD’s Breakfast Blend

Award of Excellence: Kelly Green, Rowan University
The Alternative Scene With Kelly Green

Award of Excellence: Tyler Cooper, University of Southern Indiana
Tyler Cooper Show

SA2 Comedy or Drama Category

1st Place: Students of the New England School of Communications at Husson University, New England School of Communications at Husson University
Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery & Imagination 2016

2nd Place: Cole DeWispelare, University of Nebraska at Omaha

3rd Place: Marti Vaughan, University of Nebraska at Omaha
The Shining Aftermath

3rd Place: Faiza Azam, Masood Malhi & Rafy ur Rahman, University of the Punjab, Pakistan
The Drying Village

SA3 Educational Program Category

1st Place: Abdallah Abdeldayem, The American University in Cairo
More Than Just A Game :: A Documentary About Professional Video Gaming In Egypt

2nd Place: Shishira Sreenivas & Colleen Good, West Virginia University
WVU Student-Journalists Use DIY Sensors to Investigate Water Quality

3rd Place: Sam Arcaini, Alyssa Compa & Bob Duncan, Rowan University
Guns: Calibrate Your Thinking

SA4 PSA, Promo or Commercial Category

1st Place: JD Hershberger, Goshen College
Goshen Theater Promo Series

2nd Place: Owen Miller, New England School of Communications at Husson University
It Could Happen To You

3rd Place: Eugene Cephas, Jocelyn Bell & Benjamin Googman, Austin Peay State University
What’s That Gas?

Award of Excellence: Riley Irving & David Cohen, Ithaca College
City Rhythms Promo

Award of Excellence: Nick Herrick, Adam Rogers & Kyra Biscarner, Marshall University
WMUL Car Bash Promo

Award of Excellence: Lyle Kwiatkowski, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Bubbles the Unemployed Clown

Award of Excellence: Tyler Cooper, University of Southern Indiana
Halloween Giveaway

SA5 Specialty Program Category

1st Place: Paul Kirkwood, Fort Hays State University
Gun Control – Op Doc

2nd Place: Alyssa Compa & Sarah Kalvaitis, Rowan University
A Community Affair

3rd Place: Kelly Green, Rowan University
Decision 2016: The Best of the Democratic National Convention

Award of Excellence: Stephanie Lopez-Ruvalcaba, University of La Verne
Noches de Rock (Show #2)

SA6 Multimedia Sound Design Category

1st Place: Joshua Rosebrough, Ben Gammon & Taylor Warkentine, Huntington University
Sounds Like Trouble

2nd Place: Peter Batemon, Missouri State University
Overwatch Cinema Trailer

SA7 Sound Engineering and Production (SA7)

2nd Place: Tim Ning & Kayla Morgan, Northwest Missouri State University
Sam Akers – I Do

SA7 Sound Engineering and Production Category

1st Place: Gonzalo Avalos, University of Nebraska at Omaha
The Arrival

Documentary Competition

Faculty Documentary “Best of” Festival Award:: Tim Sorel, University of Florida
My Kid is Not Crazy: a search for hope in the face of misdiagnosis (FD2 – Long Form Video or Film Documentary Category Category)

Student Documentary “Best of” Festival Award: Melina Tupa, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
The Search (Long Form Video or Film Documentary Category)

Faculty Documentary Competition

FD1 – Short Form Video or Film Documentary

Award of Excellence: Sue Carter & Troy Hale, Michigan State University
Spare Parts: Human Organ Trafficking in Bangladesh

Award of Excellence: Nick Geidner & Clinton Elmore, The University of Tennessee
Reaching Recovery: Pregnancy and Addiction in East Tennessee

FD1 – Short Form Video or Film Documentary Category

Best of Competition: Mike Grundmann & Shaun Wright, James Madison University
A Good Blinder

FD2 – Long Form Video or Film Documentary

Award of Excellence: Randy Caspersen, Northern Illinois University
Go Penguins!

Award of Excellence: Kari Barber & Nico Colombant, University of Nevada, Reno
Struggle & Hope

FD2 – Long Form Video or Film Documentary Category

Best of Competition: Dale Carpenter, University of Arkansas
Uncontrolled Variables: A Science Fair Story

Student Documentary Competition

Short Form Video or Film Documentary Category

1st Place: Ricky Lassler, University of Maryland
ViewFinder: Forgiven

2nd Place: Megan Roethlein, Penn State University
Sogumadur (Storyteller)

3rd Place: Mario Adriano & Laila Al-Ghareeb, California State University Northridge
Lily the Glitch

Award of Excellence: Riley Mills, Kyle Hufford, Jesse Bontreger & David Leaman-Miller, Goshen College
Admit One

Award of Excellence: Joshua Rosebrough, Rachel Hart, Benjamin Crane & Benjamin Gammon, Huntington University
Goopfest: Finding a Unique Artistic Voice in the 21st Century

Award of Excellence: Evan Matteson & Panthelys Theodoracopoulos, Huntington University

Award of Excellence: Courtney Coffey, Sarah Gorman, Bryn McIntyre & Alexandra Weathersby, James Madison University
Parties to Pacifiers

Award of Excellence: Jacob Voss, Loyola University Chicago
Second Flight

Award of Excellence: Brian Georgeson, Michael Cianciolo & Peter Basch, Marquette University
Plan Bleuteaux

Award of Excellence: Bibbi Abruzzini, Northern Arizona University

Award of Excellence: Marteen Victoria Cleary, Northern Arizona University

Award of Excellence: Morgan Malecki, Pat Angehr, Ryan Shaffer,
Skyler Onderdonk & Pat Angehr, SUNY New Paltz
Living in Recovery

Award of Excellence: Alex Connor, Anna Costanza, Heather Mezynski, Dany Ramdhanie & Brendan Roode, SUNY New Paltz

Award of Excellence: Kaitlin Becker, University of Central Missouri
Growl of the Wild

Award of Excellence: Erika Orstad, University of Miami
Head Games

Long Form Video or Film Documentary Category

1st Place: Kyle Jones, Deanna Kidd, Michael Walsh & Elijah Howard, Florida State University
641 Muriel Court

2nd Place: Johnathan Martin, University of North Texas
The Great Hanging

3rd Place: Jennifer Soules, Angela Schuster & Jackie Cotton, Arizona State University: Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Unzipped: Naming Arizona’s Nameless

Award of Excellence: Ryan M. Flanery, Ball State University

Award of Excellence: Tori Lentz, Northern Kentucky University
From Addiction to Recovery: A Community’s Response to the Heroin Epidemic

Award of Excellence: UM Student Documentary Unit – Spring 2016, University of Montana
Aging Out: Autism in Montana

Film & Video Competition

Faculty Film & Video “Best of” Festival Award: Dawn W. Ford, George Fox University
Hidden Beauty: Tokyo (Mixed Video Category)

Student Film & Video “Best of” Festival Award: Emily Hamilton, George Fox University
Lucy and the Fly (Animation/Mixed/Experimental Category)

Student Film & Video “Best of” Festival Award: Adam Konger & Randi Orr, Huntington University
The Julie Amos Story (SV 6 Promotional – 90 seconds to 30 minutes)

Faculty Film & Video Competition

FV1 – Commercial of PSA Category

Best of Competition: Andrew Ray, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Together- Diet Coke

FV2 – Educational or Instructional Category

Best of Competition: Mike Igoe, Roslin Smith, SUNY-Fredonia & Chris Gallant, Hilbert College,
Good Storytelling

FV3 – Mixed Video Category

Award of Excellence: Jim Y. Trammell & Martin Yount, High Point University
What is the Point of College?

Award of Excellence: Geri Alumit Zeldes, Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Berggren & Cheyna Roth, Michigan State University
Hubert, His Story

Award of Excellence: Kurt Lancaster & Peter Friederici, Northern Arizona University
Living with Fire in the Grand Canyon

FV4 – Narrative Video Category

Best of Competition: Durrell Nelson, Liberty University
Texas Rein

Award of Excellence: Imelda O’Reilly, James Madison University
Eggs and Soldiers

FV5 – Promotional Video Category

Best of Competition: Andrew Tanielian, University of North Texas
Mayborn in Japan

Award of Excellence: Dean Cummings, Georgia Southern University
Eagle Fund – Favian Upshaw

Award of Excellence: M. Joseph Hinshaw, Ryan Parkhurst & George Johnson, James Madison University
Alison Parker Scholarship in Tribute

Award of Excellence: Jason Balas, University of North Texas
College of Arts & Sciences Promo

Student Film & Video Competition

SV 1 Animation/Experimental/Mixed Category

1st Place: Marissa Pruett, Huntington University

2nd Place: Angel Soto, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Newton’s Cradle

2nd Place: Jessi Fry, Paul S. Flores & Miranda Fry, San Francisco State University
That Crowbar Thing

3rd Place: Kayla Mitchell, Huntington University
Akemi and Tarou

3rd Place: Erica Ramsey Pulley, Ryan Sanchez, Nick Darouian & Erick Soria, San Francisco State University
The More Things Change

Award of Excellence: Gibran Rubio, California State University Fullerton

Award of Excellence: Cosmo Spada, George Fox University
Grip vs Gaff

SV2 Instructional/Educational Category

1st Place (tie): Jacob Beil, Eric Flandrau, Daniel Masciari & Seth Tebo, Ithaca College
Arachnid Diversity-Spiders and their Kin

1st Place (tie): Truman Reeves, University of Oklahoma
How To Prodcue a Masters Project

2nd Place: Hannah Burton & Ryan Eskalis, University of Maryland
ViewFinder: The Missing Half

3rd Place: Weston Dockter, Colorado State University
Outside Science (inside parks)

3rd Place: Lamont Sadler & Raymond Rivera, SUNY Oswego
The Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

SV3 – Music Video Category

1st Place: Rachel Hunter, TJ Clounie & Emma Fried, Huntington University
Super Ego Lighting Bolt

2nd Place: Stephen Reuther, Nathan Trump, Brie Dadich & Taylor Jones, York College of PA
The Great Swindle

3rd Place: Daniel Spiller, Eric Hernandez & Mia Watkins, Elon University
ADzMAN – “Serenity”

3rd Place: James Zanders & Zachary Padilla, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Netflix and Chill

3rd Place: Mitchell Richardson, University of Oklahoma
Always Seems

SV4 Narrative Category

1st Place: Rebecca Starkey, Graham Bourque & Davis Kimball, Central Washington University
Todd’s Vlog

2nd Place: Isabella Issa & Martha Fellbaum, Pepperdine University
Night Lights

2nd Place: Xavier Neal-Burgin, University of Southern California
On Time

3rd Place: Caleb Yoder, Chris Rencavage, Jacob Jenny & Aaron Andrews, Penn State University
Dungeons and Drama

Award of Excellence: Lucas Hicks, Megan McDeavitt & Kalyn Sisco, Appalachian State University
4 a.m.

Award of Excellence: Henry Willette, Peter Basch, Reese Heinzinger & Jack Glowinski, Marquette University
Closed Mondays

Award of Excellence: Joshua Leedham, Middle Tennessee State University

Award of Excellence: Josh Pfaff, Samantha Rohde, Andrew Westmaas & Joshua Moore, Missouri State University
Counting to 1000

Award of Excellence: Erin Snider, Samantha Kelly, Chelsea Eichholz & Lauren Johnson, Missouri State University
“Backstage” S1 E1: “Just Ignore the Cameras”

Award of Excellence: Nick Moon, Rachel Black, Hannah Puder & Emily Puder, Regent University
Ticking Hearts

Award of Excellence: Angela Criscoe, Savannah College of Art & Design

Award of Excellence: Tim Young, Elliot Feltner, Fritz Pape & Katie Laird, University of Cincinnati
Standard Definition

Award of Excellence: Shaffiat Folahan, University of North Texas
What The Lake Held

Award of Excellence: Miranda Tamez, University of North Texas

Award of Excellence: Peyton Reed, University of North Texas

Award of Excellence: Tiffany Feese, University of Oklahoma

Award of Excellence: Reagan Hayes, University of Oklahoma
Keep Going At It

SV5 Spots Category

1st Place: Jacob Cross, Justin White & Ryan Burson, Huntington University
Ness Bros. Real Living Commercial: Realtors to the Rescue

2nd Place: Austin Tema, St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud State University Men’s Hockey Promo

3rd Place: Michael McCallum, University of Oklahoma
Latin is Our Passion

Award of Excellence: Richard Kerr, Tyler Parks & Thatcher Brown, Fort Hays State University
#LegendsNeverDie Teaser

Award of Excellence: Jesse Bontreger, Tim Litwiller & David Leaman Miller, Goshen College
Goshen College Music Department Promo

Award of Excellence: Adam Konger & Kelsey Kruse, Huntington University
Ness Bros. Real Living Commercial: Finding the Right Home

Award of Excellence: Ashley King, Caitlin Higgins, Hanlin Guo & Nikhil Sequiera, Loyola University Chicago
How I Disappear

Award of Excellence: Lauren E. Johnson & Colin J. Robertson, Missouri State University
Show-Me Chefs Promo

Award of Excellence: Ryan Teason, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Men s Basketball – Palm Beach Atlantic University

Award of Excellence: Reagan Hayes, University of Oklahoma
Dallas Aquarium

Award of Excellence: Tessa Hayward, Truman Reeves & Sarah Harris, University of Oklahoma
VSX: Vigorously Sexy

Award of Excellence: Reilly Freeman, University of Oklahoma

Award of Excellence: Allison Myers, Martha Alvarez, Bri Leeper & Maroon Productions, West Texas A&M University
KWTS Underwriting

SV6 Promotional Category

1st Place: Steve May, Northern Kentucky University
Duke Urban Revitalization Initiative

2nd Place: Sean Thiessen, Becca Thompson, Nicklaus Martin & Jacob Daily, Missouri State University
Posers – Indiegogo Fundraising Video

3rd Place: Camryn Sulak, Truman Reeves, Tessa Hayward, Sierra Sanders, Emily Anderson, Sarah Harris, Nick Dean, University of Oklahoma
College of Arts and Sciences: Citizen Science

Award of Excellence: Takoda Friesen, Jesse Bontreger, Riley Bean-Mills & David Leaman Miller, Goshen College
Good of Goshen – River Bend Film Festival

Award of Excellence: Mackenzie Houston & Nelson Mustain, University of Cincinnati
The Making of Expedition Alaska

Award of Excellence: Sierra Sanders, University of Oklahoma
CMP: Sooner Sports Pad

SV7 Studio (multi-camera or live-to-tape)

1st Place: Jesse Bontreger, David Leaman Miller, Takoda Friesen & Tim Litwiller, Goshen College
From The Garage: Wilson’s Reservoir

2nd Place: Xavier Rangel, Cheyanne Mumphrey & the Staff of NAZ Today, Norther Azizona University
Flagstaff Mayoral Debate

3rd Place: Trever Migliorino, Xavier Smith, Miles Todd & Joey Hardy, Arizona State University
Cronkite News Election Special

Award of Excellence: Nicholas Milliron, Robert Morris University
SCJ 2016 Election Night Coverage

Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies Competition

Faculty Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies “Best of” Festival Award: Adam Peruta, Syracuse University
Traditions Challenge Mobile App (Entertainment & Emerging Techologies Category)

Student Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies “Best of” Festival Award: Katherine Habrel, Marie Orttenburger & Minn Wang, Michigan State University
The New Vinyl (Small Team Category)

Faculty Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies Competition

FM4 – Solo Category

Best of Competition: Todd O’Neill, Middle Tennessee State University
College of Media and Entertainment Wall of Fame

Student Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies Competition

SM1-Solo Category

1st Place: Alexandria Coleman, Arizona State University
Decades after addressing discrimination, Post 41 continues to bring community together

2nd Place: Nicole Wong , Loyola University Chicago
The Ghost of Pauline Tang

3rd Place: Mekenzie Kerr, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Living with dementia: Nebraska plan may provide support

SM2-Small Team Category

1st Place: Mariam Seif, Reem Mohamed & Hanien Gaballahg , The American University in Cairo
Second University Forum at The American University in Cairo

2nd Place: Brittany Holmes & Daishonai Jackson, Michigan State University
Racial Justice Now

SM3 Large Team Category

1st Place (tie): Urban Plains 2016 Staff, Drake University
Urban Plains 2016

1st Place (tie): Tim Babiasz, Haley Burton, Richard Clegg, Caranita Harrelson, Jordynn McKnight, Taylor Smith, Kaitlyn Stahl & Lexi Veara, Elon University
Alegria Gri Gri Foundation

2nd Place: Carrie Lindeman, Meredith Husar,Spencer Muhlstock, Viktoria Schultz, Ithaca College
IC (I see) Beyond Body

3rd Place: Kelly Foran, Michael Garland, Erin Turner & Carolyn Crenshaw, Elon University
Cornerstone Foundation

News Competition

FN1 –

Faculty News “Best of” Festival Award: Angela Kocherga, Arizona State University
Border Wall (Television Hard News Reporting Category)

Student Radio News “Best of” Festival Award: Olivia Richard, Arizona State University
Phoenix Veterans Courts (Radio Feature Reporting Category)

Student Television News “Best of” Festival Award: Ryan Eskalis & Susann Shin, University of Maryland
ViewFinder: Blindsided (Television Hard News Category)

Student Newscast “Best of” Festival Award: Erik Webb, Elizabeth Bilka, Daniel MacLaury & Ashley Bohle, Elon University
Elon Local News Full Broadcast October 31, 2016 (Television Newscast -airing 3 days per week or less)

Faculty News Competition

FN2 – Television Feature News Reporting

Best of Competition: John Goheen , Loyola University Chicago
Fog Beer

Student News Competition

SN1 Radio Feature Reporting Category

1st Place: Tyler Bartlam, California State University, Fresno
#WeAreKat: Kat Nijmeddin

2nd Place: Allison Wolfe, University of Southern California
Crossing Unseen Borders

3rd Place: Lauren Negrete, Arizona State University
Muertos Art

Award of Excellence: Andy Prescott, University of Nebraska at Omaha
The Haunting of O’Connors Pub

SN10 Television News Magazine Category

1st Place: Alexandra Simon, Mackenzie Happe, Mya Green & Hannah Burton, University of Maryland
ViewFinder Fall ’16: Strength and Shame

2nd Place: Jess Arnold, The Pennsylvania State University
The Journey: A Centre County Report Special

3rd Place: GCTV Staff, Goshen College
The Correspondent – Culture Episode

Award of Excellence: Julia Benbrook & Alli Hill, Oklahoma State University
The Cost of Learning

Award of Excellence: Rachel Brosky, West Virginia University
WVU News-Special Edition: We Remember. Fifteen Years After 9/11

SN2 Radio Hard News Reporting Category

1st Place: Christie York, University of Southern Indiana
New Sheriff’s Department Building

2nd Place: Rebecca Turnbull, Marshall University
Feel The Bern

3rd Place: Jacob McAuliffe, Arizona State University
Trinity church

Award of Excellence: Matthew Zawodniak, Rowan University
Bernie Sanders Supporters Still Feel The Burn

SN3 Radio Newscast Category

1st Place: Jacob Phillips & Evan Wilks, University of Indianapolis
WICR Newscast (Election Coverage)

2nd Place (tie): Sean Bates, Jessica Ma, Jordan Laird, John Napolitano,Mark Mausner, Lourdes Carballo, Sam Bussell & Jenna Weingard, Hofstra University
Newsline October 6, 2016

2nd Place (tie): Scott Sidway , University of North Texas
Texas Super Tuesday Election Update – 10:30 p.m.

2nd Place (tie): Meghan Coyle, Alana Bracken, Ian Hurley & Miranda Myers, University of Southern California
From Where We Are

SN4 Television Feature Category

1st Place: Adriana De Alba, Arizona State University
Tres Amigos

2nd Place: Yahaira Jacquez, Arizona State University
Food Waste At the Border

3rd Place: Oliver Redsten, University of Miami
Well of Ancient Mysteries

3rd Place: Brad Streicher, University of Southern California
Graffiti Artist Betters Community

Award of Excellence: Jeff Chow, Loyola University Chicago
Cat Shadow Shines Light on Homeless Man

SN5 Television Hard News Category

1st Place: Michelle Chavez, University of Maryland
Battling Gangs: Kids Struggle to Escape Recruitment

2nd Place: Yesenia De Garcia & Sakya Calsoyas, Northern Arizona University
Punched by a Cop

3rd Place: Sarah Rudlang, St. Cloud State University

Award of Excellence: Zackary Moran, Arizona State University
Grants Ensure Processing of Untests Rape Kids in Arizona

Award of Excellence: Oliver Redsten, University of Miami
The University of Miami mourns the death of senior Adam Levine

SN6 Television News Anchor Category

1st Place: Ali Brooks, Oklahoma State University
Ali Brooks

2nd Place: Yesenia De Garcia, Northern Arizona University
Yesenia De Garcia-NAZ Today

3rd Place: Joey Carrera , Arizona State University
Joey Carrera Anchor Reel

Award of Excellence: Lesly Salazar, The Pennsylvania State University
Lesly Salazar-TV Anchor

SN7 Television Weathercaster Category

1st Place: Joey Carrera, Arizona State University
Joey Carrera – Weather Reel

2nd Place: Hunter Williams, The Pennsylvania State University
Hunter Williams – Television Weathercaster

3rd Place: Chloe Johnson, Brigham Young University
Chloe Johnson

SN8 Television Newscast (airing 3 days per week or less)

1st Place: Megan Saporito , West Virginia University
WVU News “Special Edition” Heroin and Opioids: When Addiction Hits Home

2nd Place: Simone Thomas, Angelo Bavaro, Faye Curran & Staff , University of Maryland
Maryland Newsline November 30

3rd Place: Gerald Tracy & Annice McEwan, Oklahoma State University
OState Report

Award of Excellence: Miguel Moya & Morgan Cline, California State University Fullerton
OC News

SN9 Telvision Newscast (airing4 or 5 days per week)

1st Place: Windsor Smith & Madison Romine, Arizona State University
Cronkite News 2/17/16

2nd Place: Ryan Roberts, University of Florida
WUFT NEWS First at Five

3rd Place: Kenny Hutchings & Fred Woods, Brigham Young University
ElevenNews at Noon-Nov. 8, 2016

Award of Excellence: Courtney Boggs & Maddi Ward, University of Oklahoma
OU Nightly

Scriptwriting Competition

Faculty Scriptwriting “Best of” Festival Award:  Imelda O’Reilly, James Madison University
Beneath the Boy’s Cry (Feature/TV Hour Category)

Student Scriptwriting “Best of” Festival Award: Jessica Cannell, Purdue University Northwest
Humans: Episode 9 (Television Spec Category)

Faculty Scriptwriting Competition

FW1 – Short Subject/TV Half-Hour Category

Best of Competition: Kamal Turner, SUNY Canton
One Awkward Ride

FW2 – Feature/TV Hour Category

Best of Competition: Frank Barnas, Valdosta State University
Locked In

Award of Excellence: Micheal McAlexander, California State University, Fullerton

Award of Excellence: Kevin Corbett, Central Michigan University
Quarry Road

Award of Excellence: Raymond D.S Anderson, University of Guam
The Centenarian’s Birthday

FW3 – Episodic Short Category

Best of Competition: Trey Allen Stohlman, Central Michigan University

Student Scriptwriting Competition

SW1 – Short Subject Category

1st Place: Michaela Bajic, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Ashes to Ashes

2nd Place: Cosmo Spada, George Fox University

3rd Place: Andrew Morris, Purdue University Northwest
The Mourning After

Award of Excellence: Mary Kasselman, Palm Beach Atlantic University
De Wallen

Award of Excellence: Christopher Wilson, San Jose State University
The Interrogation

Award of Excellence: Nicholas Harstrick, San Jose State University
Frat Pup

SW2 – Feature Category

1st Place: Jessi Brutton, Illinois State University
Just Like Her

2nd place: Dylan Sargent, San Jose State University
Romancing Destruction

3rd Place: Brian Keppy, Missouri State University

Award of Excellence: Natalie Moses, Kent State University

Award of Excellence: Shyla Shank, Missouri State University
Meat Me

Award of Excellence: Robert Janney, University of North Texas

SW3 – Original Television Series Pilot Category

1st Place: Kimberly Canellos, Lucy Cazares, Peter Mansour, Steven Milazzo & Teeyam Moussavizadeh, San Francisco State University
Part Time Vampire

2nd Place: Patrick Bailer, University of Georgia
Father Help Us

3rd Place: Edward Hamel, California State University, Northridge
Graves’ Consequences

Award of Excellence: Taylor K. Washington, Howard University

SW4 – Television Spec Category

1st Place: Elizabeth Carey, Janel Contreras, Vanessa Matthews & James Mullaney, Purdue University Northwest
Stranger Things: The Choice

2nd Place: RoLonda Crawford, Jacob MacDonald, Hardy Willis, Raquel Witherow & Joe R. Zuniga III, Purdue University Northwest

3rd Place: Jason Rotolo, California State University, Northridge
Gotham – “Have No Fear”

SW5 – Mobisode/Webisode Category

1st Place: Nathan Lord, Palm Beach Atlantic University
The Ghost of Gottfried

2nd Place: Christine Elliott, University of Oklahoma
Okay, OK

3rd Place: Alexandra K. Gomez, Palm Beach Atlantic University
34 Doors Down

Award of Excellence: Daniel Fiel, San Francisco State University
Tinder Mom

Sports Competition

Student Sports “Best of” Festival Award: Connor Nichols & Tyler Bradfield, Ball State University
Ball State Sports Link: Dear Teddy (Television Sports Story/Feature Category)

Faculty Sports Competition

FS3 – Sports Radio Category

Award of Excellence: Terry Likes, Tennessee State University
“Spiraling out of control: When sports becomes the lead story.”

Student Sports Competition

SS1 – Radio Sports Story / Feature / News Category

1st Place: Olivia Richard, Arizona State University
Talent Beyond Age

2nd Place: Blake Benard, Arizona State University
Michael Phelps Swims at ASU

3rd Place: Zachary Penrice, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Husker Football Players National Anthem Protest

Award of Excellence: Matthew Lively, Arizona State University
Arizona State University Softball: The Territorial Cup

Award of Excellence: Cody Cronin, Austin Greathouse & Matthew Gundersen, Rowan University
Taking Strides

SS2 – Radio/TV Sports Event: Play-by-Play Talent Category

1st Place: Noah Sullinger, Justin Idelman & Justin Doering, University of Nebraska at Omaha
UNO Baseball vs. Oral Roberts

2nd Place: Jevin Redman, University of Southern Indiana
USI vs. Purdue

3rd Place: Blake Benard, Arizona State University
2016 Cactus Bowl

Award of Excellence: Gavin Schall, Arizona State University
Arizona State Classic First Round: #19 Florida Gators vs. Long Beach State

SS3 – Television Sports Story/Feature Category

1st Place: Brian Shrull, Oklahoma State University
Rules misinterpretation changes outcome

2nd Place: David Merrill, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Driven: A PBA Lacrosse Story

3rd Place: Brett Kast, Michigan State University
Everyone Deserves a Chance

Award of Excellence: Blake Benard, Arizona State University
Phoenix Mercury Jersey Adds Essential For Profitability

Award of Excellence: Julie Aufdenberg & Anthony Scherer, Southeast Missouri State University
Katarina Rotta Feature

Award of Excellence: Ben Murphy, University of Florida
Team Jay Feature – Ben Murphy – University of Florida

SS4 – Television Sports Talent (Anchor / Host) Category

1st Place: Joe Scarrella, St. Cloud State University
Joe Scarrella – Sports Talent Reel

2nd Place: Katie Emmer, St. Cloud State University
Katie Emmer Sports Reel

3rd Place: Brett Kast, Michigan State University
Brett Kast Demo Reel

3rd Place: Amelia Henderson, Oklahoma State University
Amelia Henderson Demo Reel

Award of Excellence: Reagan Ledbetter, University of Oklahoma
Reagan Ledbetter BEA Sports Reel

Award of Excellence: Carson Williams, University of Oklahoma
Carson Williams BEA Sports Reel

SS5 – Television Sports Event Production Category

1st Place: Austin Tema, Neil Lommel & Josie Spry, St. Cloud State University
Men’s Hockey – St. Cloud State University vs. University of North Dakota

2nd Place: Brad Parsons, Central Michigan University
MCBCtv | S03 E03: Grand River

3rd Place: Ball State Sports Link, Ball State University
Ball State Sports Link on ESPN3: Ball State Men’s Basketball vs. IUPUI

Award of Excellence: Alex Lassen, John LeSelva & Savannah Volzone, University of North Florida
UNF vs. FGCU MBB ASUN Semifinal ESPN3 Streamcast

SS6 – TV Sports News Program Category

1st Place: Joe Scarrella & Alexis Pearson, St. Cloud State University
Husky Mag

2nd Place: Kurtis Quillin & Caleb Surly, Oklahoma State University
The Poke Report Bracketology Special

3rd Place: Margot Woll, Erin Regan & Brad Canfield, University of Miami

Award of Excellence: Kenny Hutchings, Brigham Young University
CoogTube – December 2nd

Award of Excellence: Mikayla Barker & Nicholas Skidmore, Oklahoma State University
The Poke Report 10-22-2016

Award of Excellence: Bailee Burmaster, Annice McEwan & Kurtis Quillin, Oklahoma State University
Countdown to Tipoff

Two-Year Small Colleges Competition

Student Two-Year Small Colleges “Best of” Festival Award: Gabriel Gonzales, Sarah Schroeder & Oliver Eldridge, Azusa Pacific University
Red Lotus (Narrative Video/Broadcast Production Category)

Student Two-Year Small Colleges Competition

Audio Production Category

1st Place: Alexa G. Maxey, Aims Community College
Finding Healing, Choosing Joy

2nd Place: Lisa May Berndt, Aims Community College
Bullying Through a Child’s Eyes

3rd Place: Anna Marie Hunt, Aims Community College
An Underdog Story

Award of Excellence: Alan Perales, Grossmont College
Alan Perales Newscast

Narrative Video/Broadcast Production Category

1st Place: Matthew Burris, Huntington University

2nd Place: Angel Soto, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Adam’s Tree

3rd Place: Chris Collier & Anthony Rose, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Walk On

Award of Excellence: Chris Scott, Kelsey Merriam & Gino Destefano Valdiva, Berry College
Film War

Non-Narrative Video/Broadcast Production

1st Place: Abel Garcia, Palomar College
Palomar Live 11/10/16

2nd Place: Iona M. Brannon, California Baptist University
Keeping a Beat With Passion

3rd Place: David Michaels, Palomar College
Palomar Live

Award of Excellence: Michael Gallup, Rock Valley College
Lovable Winners

Award of Excellence: Heather Kline, York College of Pennsylvania
YCP Physical Education Promo