2018 Winners

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Audio Competition

Faculty Audio “Best of” Festival Award: Chris Underation, Liberty University
The Banishment-The Encounter (Long-Form Production Category)

Student Audio “Best of” Festival Award: Nicklaus Martin, Joshua Moore & Cadmus Keathely, Missouri State University
Posers (Multimedia Sound Design Category)

Faculty Audio Competition

Long-Form Production Category

Best of Competition: Kornel Gerstner, Christopher Nelson, Preeda Thaiwatcharamas & Christie Ostehus, Liberty University
The Origin Story: Part II

Radio Documentary Category

Best of Competition: Jule Banville, University of Montana
Owning Pray

Short-Form Production Category

Best of Competition: Kim Fox, The American University in Cairo
Ehky Ya Masr Podcast: “Time Capsule of Ramadan”

Student Audio Competition

Air Personality Category

1st Place: Colin McDuffee & Riley Cornett, University of Southern Indiana
Colin & Riley in the Afternoon

2nd Place: Christopher Norman, University of La Verne

3rd Place: Spencer Buttermore, Goshen College
The Breakfast Blend

Award of Excellence: Samantha Horsch, Goshen College
Sam’s Afternoon Drive

Award of Excellence: John Campbell, Rowan University
Metal for the Masses

Award of Excellence: McKenzie Benefield, University of West Georgia
Best of Mac

Award of Excellence: Matthew Holmes, York College of PA
Matt Holmes Halloween Show

Comedy or Drama Category

1st Place: New England School of Communications at Husson University, New England School of Communications at Husson University
Edgar Allen Poe’s Tales of Mystery & Imagination 2017

2nd Place: Muhammad Umar Farooq, Ali Haider Saeed & Madiha Maqsood Cheema, PU FM 104.6 University of Punjab, Lahore
Reshma-The Story of Hope

3rd Place: Melanie Kwiecien, Ferris State University

Educational Program Category

1st Place: Youssef Shaalan, The American University in Cairo

2nd Place: Leah Johnson, Harding University
Artist Spotlight-Fats Domino

3rd Place: Hagar Eissa, The American University in Cairo
Mariam: Audio Documentary

Award of Excellence: Adrienne St. Clair & Andrew Nicla, Arizona State University
In Focus DACA Special Report

Multimedia Sound Design Category

1st Place (tie): John Graham & Taylor Fortes, Cogswell College
SIGGRAPH NOW Branding intro/outro

1st Place (tie): Zachary Padilla, University of Nebraska at Omaha

PSA, Promo or Commercial Category

1st Place (tie): Danielle Miller & Matteo Iadonisi, Rowan University
The 90s Collective

1st Place (tie): Logan Roush, University of Northwestern St. Paul
Destiny Rescue 60 Second Promo

2nd Place: Jeimi Herrera, University of La Verne
LeoFM’s Feast of the Ages

3rd Place: Nicole Waltman, Oklahoma City University

Award of Excellence: Kadie Spoor, Nasim Rasoulipour, Samantha Horsch & Tanner Camp, Goshen College
Text n Drive

Award of Excellence: Andrew Marks, Texas Tech University
Hub City Fest Promo

Award of Excellence: Shane Mitchell, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Meet Andrew

Sound Engineering and Production

1st Place: Steven Asper & Dylan Swoyer, Kansas State University
KSDB Classroom Series – Gekko

2nd Place: Nicklaus Martin, Alex Mullins, Brian Light & Desmond Dornak, Missouri State University
Pursuit of Happiness

Specialty Program Category

1st Place (tie): Kadrae Smith, Fort Hays State University
New Music Now

1st Place (tie): Riley Friesner, Goshen College
Mindi Abair Live From Ignition Music Garage

2nd Place: Alexis Janeille Ferguson, Liberty University
I am Happy

3rd Place: Shannon Keirce, Harding University
Everly Brothers Artist Spotlight

Award of Excellence: Brianna Marshall, Liberty University
Brian’s Story

Award of Excellence: Spencer Schacht, St. Cloud State University
Beyond the Headlines: The Importance of Net Neutrality

Award of Excellence: Carson Williams, Collin Kennedy, Reagan Ledbetter & Kenneth Adair, University of Oklahoma
Gameday U/KXOU Simulcast

Documentary Competition

Faculty Documentary “Best of” Festival Award: John J. Valadez & Carleen L. Hsu, Michigan State University
The Head of Joaquin Murrieta (Short Form Video or Film Documentary)

Student Documentary “Best of” Festival Award: Conor Castles-Lynch, University of Tasmania, Nada Mawsouf, The American University in Cairo &
Samantha Soh, Monash University
Nus Essan Rumantschs (We Are Romansh) (Short Form Video or Film Documentary)

Faculty Documentary Competition

Long Form Video or Film Documentary

Best of Competition: Brian Plow & Todd Fredricks, Ohio University
The Veterans’ Project

Award of Excellence: Brent Simonds, Illinois State University
Sweet Dreams Do Come True

Award of Excellence: Jonathan Olshefski & Sabrina Schmidt Gordon, Rowan University & City University of New York

Award of Excellence: Bernard “Barney” McCoy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Black Jack Pershing: Love and War

Short Form Video or Film Documentary

Best of Competition: Sangsun Choi, Malone University
Talk to My Son

Award of Excellence: Jeanette Castillo, Ball State University
Stab: Life as a Voodoo Doll

Award of Excellence: Scott E. Schimmel, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Driven Blind

Award of Excellence: Nick Geidner, Clinton Elmore, Abby Bower & Hannah Marley, University of Tennessee
7 Days in America

Student Documentary Competition

Long Form Video or Film Documentary

1st Place: Jake Segelbaum, Brooke de Zutter, Emma Quinn & Rachael Petersen, Temple University
Monumental Change

2nd Place : Sergio Almendariz, University of North Texas
On Losing a Parent

3rd Place : Travis R. Bell & Ryan Watson, University of South Florida
Tampa Technique: Rise, Demise, and Remembrance of Central Avenue

Award of Excellence: Erin Law & Megan McKinley, Loyola University of Chicago
Grigorii Cherniavskii & Alexander Nikitin, the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art
Under One Sky

Short Form Video or Film Documentary

1st Place: Tyler Bradley, Champlain College
Safe Harbor, Welcome Home

2nd Place : Tyler Bradfield, Connor Nichols & Zach Roy, Ball State University
Failure Is Not An Option: Reggie McGee

3rd Place: Justin T. Jones, DePaul University
The Farm on Rice Lake Road

Award of Excellence: Kristina Vicario, Louisa Stanwich & Allie Barton, Arizona State University

Award of Excellence: Tyler Paley, Arizona State University
Fighting for Fearlessness

Award of Excellence: Bria Andress, Jack Murphy, Bec Whetham & Jose Saen, Colorado State University

Award of Excellence: Kacey Dolan, Maryssa Mancuso & Maeve Molan, James Madison University
In Absence

Award of Excellence: Aloha Backenstose, Annie Franks, Angela Rios & Kristin Zimney, James Madison University

Award of Excellence: Autumn Childress, Longwood University
Beulah: A Beacon of Hope

Award of Excellence: Erin Law & Megan McKinley, Loyola University Chicago
Dress For Success

Award of Excellence: Jeffrey Chow, Loyola University of Chicago
One Magazine at a Time

Award of Excellence: Josh Wagner, James LeBlanc, Jacobi Campbell & Jacob Hudson, Oklahoma State University
The Original 12

Award of Excellence: Jamie Saslaw & Danielle Wegman, Pennsylvania State University

Award of Excellence: Michaela Joines, Kenzi Tims, Pittsburgh State University
Enabled: The Haven Shepherd Story

Award of Excellence: Jordan Pomputis & Robby Jackson, St. Cloud State University
Will Hammer “One Last Shot”

Award of Excellence: Salma Nader Galal & Hagar Hassan Adss, The American University in Cairo
Who Brought it to Life

Award of Excellence: Mackenzie Hill, Trinity University
Lady Based

Award of Excellence: Joe Lavine & Chris Carson, University of Georgia
From the Shadows: The Struggle for El Pueblo

Award of Excellence: ViewFinder team, University of Maryland, College Park
The Value of a Smile

Award of Excellence: Lauren Layton, University of Mississippi
Feeling the Music

Award of Excellence: Isaac Ward, University of Tennessee
Never Giving Up

Film & Video Competition

Faculty Film & Video “Best of” Festival Award: David Mallin, Old Dominion University
Carmelita (Narrative Video)

Student Film & Video “Best of” Festival Award: Christophe Charre & Sabrina Simpson, University of Florida
Ability (Narrative Category)

Student Film & Video “Best of” Festival Award: Fall ’16 and Spring ’17 Viewfinder Teams, University of Maryland, College Park
Strength and Shame: Inside Maryland’s Opioid Epidemic (Instructional/Educational Category)

Faculty Film & Video Competition

Commercial or PSA Category

Best of Competition: Dustin Hahn, Texas Christian University
ReEngage Promotional

Award of Excellence: Rusty Sheridan, East Tennessee State University
Sterling Tree

Educational or Instructional Category

Best of Competition: Scott Hodgson, University of Oklahoma
Are You Ready?

Award of Excellence: Oscar Guerra Nunez, San Francisco State University
Open Chest Simulation

Award of Excellence: Babak Sarrafan, San Jose State University
Green Ninja Episode 5: Steaks are High

Mixed / Pedagogical (Teacher/Student Co-Production)

Best of Competition: Patrick William Smith, Central Washington University
McCormick Spices-National Commercial- “The New Kid”

Award of Excellence: Philip Wilson & Eric Luce, Huntington University Arizona
The Amazing Mortimer

Award of Excellence: Phil Wilson, Huntington University Arizona
The St. Francis Project Intro

Award of Excellence: Geri Alumit Zeldes, Andrea Raby, Alyssa Firth & Steven Vanmaele, Michigan State University
That Strange Summer

Award of Excellence: Robert Gordon Jr., Middle Tennessee State University
“The Songwriters” Beth Nielson Chapman

Award of Excellence: Gregory Bray, Catherine Kaczor, Forrest Miller, Sydney Mott & Rachel Dobiecki, SUNY New Paltz
Hanna Barbera at the Norman Rockwell Museum

Award of Excellence: William J. Bolduc, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Ireland FYSA: One-Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Narrative Category

Best of Competition: Jonathan A. Mason & Hamid Saidji, Rowan University

Promotional Category

Best of Competition: Babak Sarrafan, San Jose State University
Do Ya

Award of Excellence: John C.P. Goheen, Loyola University Chicago
Best Summer Ever

Award of Excellence: John Conway III & Marc Paper Scissor, Lynn University
“Butterflies” Music Video for Ziggy Marley

Award of Excellence: David P. Mallin & Derrick Borte, Old Dominion University
ODU Entrepreneurship

Award of Excellence: Mary Kay McFarland & Geah Pressgrove, West Virginia University
Change the Story

Student Film & Video Competition


1st Place: Nikki Hines & Rebecca Strong, Huntington University

2nd Place: Huntington University 2016 Junior Animation Class, Huntington University
Literary Themes

3rd Place: Karli Melder, Huntington University
Do You Hear the Frogs?

Award of Excellence: Emily Seibel & Sarah McCroskey, Appalachian State University
App Students Trying … Marmite

Award of Excellence: Sarah Wickenhauser, Huntington University
My Journey Thus Far

Award of Excellence: Caitlyn Chase, Staci Vandernaald, Nate Walker & David Weimer, Huntington University
Racial Identity PSA

Award of Excellence: Valarie Gold, University of North Texas
A Guy Prepares for the Day

Award of Excellence: Tarrell Christie, University of Northern Iowa
The Spaceman

Award of Excellence: Scout Stanford, University of Oklahoma

Instructional/Educational Category

1st Place: Mitchell Brooks, Harding University
FAFSA Explainer Video

2nd Place: Aimé DeLattre, Bradley University
Great American Eclipse of 2017

3rd Place: Sierra Sanders, University of Oklahoma
Producing a World Record

Music Video Category

1st Place: Katie Nicholson, Doltyn Snedden & Stephen Wells, Westminster College
Machine from the West

2nd Place: Jimmy Naples, Kent State University
Chil – Something to Live For

3rd Place: Taylor Hearne, University of North Texas
Cigarette Burns

Narrative Category

1st Place (tie): Ben Crane, Zachary J. McIntyre, Joel Livengood, Huntington University

1st Place (tie): Peter Chamalian, Shannon Ferrell, Samuel Taylor & Chante Brown, Rowan University
Step One

2nd Place: Sean Thiessen, Becca Thompson, Nicholas Martin & Desmond Dornak, Missouri State University

3rd Place: Mason Engel, Brian Parker & Griffin Schiller, Purdue University

Award of Excellence: Kirstie Sidey, Jaimee Council, Dillon Mangum & Spencer Huffman, Appalachian State University

Award of Excellence: Rachel David, Kaite Emma Filby, Rachel Mallasch & Cassondra Barnes, Azusa Pacific University
Keegan the Alien

Award of Excellence: Cosmo Spada, George Fox University

Award of Excellence: John Vaughn, Trevor Glauz, Charles Light & Russell Richardson, Missouri State University

Award of Excellence: Lauren E. Johnson, Erin Snider, Sami Kelly & Jaci Herron, Missouri State University
Backstage: “Goodbye Forever”

Award of Excellence: Tracy Knittel, Penn State University
The Chosen

Award of Excellence: Alexandria Ferguson, Southeast Missouri State University
Frame of Mind

Award of Excellence: Caroline Ficken, Mary Elizabeth Newman & Kelsey Bruce, The University of Alabama
The Inside Outside

Award of Excellence: Patrick Moccia, University of North Texas
Don’t Wake Up

Award of Excellence: Samantha McDanel, University of North Texas
All Smiles

Award of Excellence: Alex Alerasoul, University of North Texas

Award of Excellence: Shanrica Evans, University of Southern California

Promotional Category

1st Place: Abbey Frisco, Rachel Hart, Joel Livengood, Jonathon Kane, Huntington University
2017 DMA Sizzle Reel

2nd Place (tie): Juan Gill, Weston Davis & Marcos Rubio, Texas Tech University
Texas Tech University College of Media & Communication Promotional Video

2nd Place (tie): Emily Rosado, York College of Pennsylvania
Paul Rucker Fundraiser

3rd Place: Austin Nay, Colorado State University

Award of Excellence: Cassidy Jo Fortin & Nathan Jeffers, California State University, Fullerton
IT Welcome Video 2017

Award of Excellence: Reagan Lynn Hayes Dyer, University of Oklahoma
Hanselmann Pottery

Award of Excellence: Victoria Fouke, University of Oklahoma
Patti Dennis: Reinventing Local News

Award of Excellence: Jacob Shockley & Sijie Yuan, West Virginia University
WVU Forensics

Spots Category

1st Place: Brandon Rivera, University of North Texas
Balloon Safety

2nd Place: Taylor Dearneal, University of Oklahoma
Domestic Abuse

3rd Place (tie): Kalley Hoshaw & Marcus Ruiz, Bethany Lutheran College

3rd Place (tie): Melissa Dey, Tara Eng & Anna D’Arcy, Ithaca College
ICTV Cribs Spot

Award of Excellence: Dustin Grissom, Nick Proctor, Brianna Le & Jack Gawaluck, Ball State University
Tai Pei: Savor Your Day

Award of Excellence: Emily Mixter, Ball State University
Limoneria: Generations of Sweetness

Award of Excellence: Lisette Perez & Joseph McNichols, Huntington University Arizona

Award of Excellence: Angel Soto, Palm Beach Atlantic University
A Boy’s Wish

Studio (multi-camera or live-to-tape)

1st Place: Chelsea Eichholz, Lauren E. Johnson, Sami Kelly & Mariah Zenk, Missouri State University
Show-Me Chefs, Season 3, Ep 5

2nd Place: AJ Feldman, Emma Beltrandi, Kayla Tyler & Chris Serrano, Ithaca College
So You Think You Know Sports

3rd Place: Cole Boettcher, Tess Kraly, Claudia Blair & Alex Wright, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
Cole and Claudia’s Christmas Show

Award of Excellence: Alexa Reynolds, Josey Jagielo,Teresa Diaz & Delaney Nelson, University of North Texas
Late Night @ North Texas

Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies Competition

Faculty Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies “Best of” Festival Award:Scott Hodgson, University of Oklahoma & Harvey Henson, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Earthquake Preparedness Kiosk(Documentary/Promotional/Informational Category)

Student Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies “Best of” Festival Award: Mary Claire Brogden, Lindsay Carbonell, Claire Hannah Collins & Ally Levine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Cuba’s New Wave (Large Team Category)

Student Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies Competition

Large Team Category

1st Place: Elliot Williams, Sarah Heikkinen, Ankur Dang & Tanya Monthakarntivong, Syracuse University
Re-enact – The definitive online publication for living history enthusiasts

2nd Place: University of Montana Online News and Advanced Audio Classes-Spring 2017, University of Montana
The Meth Effect

3rd Place : Maggie Boulton, Elon University

Small Team Category

1st Place: Matthew Gogerty, Adam Rogan & Autumn Meyer, Drake University
500 Miles on 500 Dollars

2nd Place: Autumn Meyer & Daniela Buvat, Drake University
Save the Bees, Seriously

3rd Place: Anne Marie Matte, Nate Sohn & Autumn Meyer, Drake University
Abandoned Midwest

Solo Category

1st Place: Kelly Dunville, Elon University
Twenty Something Magazine

2nd Place: Jacob Vos, Iowa State University
Iowa State Weather

3rd Place: Lily Shain, Colorado State University
Cultivation and Expansion of the Colorado CBD Industry

News Competition

Faculty News “Best of” Festival Award:: Mike Castellucci, Michigan State University
Steam Medicine (Television Feature News Reporting)

Student Radio News “Best of” Festival Award: Ryan Thompson, University of Southern California
Foie Gras Ban (Radio Hard News Reporting)

Student Television News “Best of” Festival Award: Oliver Redsten, University of Miami
Trouble Downstream (Television Hard News)

Student Newscast “Best of” Festival Award: Maya Patrose, Chase Boeke & Jade Nicole Yeban, Arizona State University
Cronkite News-November 16, 2017 Newscast (Television Newscast –
4 or more per week)

Faculty News Competition

Feature News Reporting

Best of Competition: Kim Fox &
Nour Ibrahim, The American University in Cairo
Ehky Ya Masr Podcast: “Intending to Fast”

Radio Hard News Reporting

Best of Competition: Terry Likes, Tennessee State University
Cameras, cops and concerns: The impact of media coverage on police shootings involving minorities

Television Feature News Reporting

Best of Competition: Chandra Clark &
Michael Bruce, The University of Alabama
Stallings Legend Award

Television Hard News Reporting

Best of Competition: Simon Perez, Syracuse University
Simon Perez – MMJ Montage – Hard News

Student News Competition

Radio Feature Reporting

1st Place: Gabriel Escalera, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Dia De Los Muertos

2nd Place: Rosie Costain, University of Montana
Accordian Man

3rd Place: Daniel Walters, Liberty University

Award of Excellence: Maggie Blunk, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Botanical Garden brings nature to hospitalized kids

Radio Hard News Reporting

1st Place: Connor McGlynn, University of Southern California
Congressional elections

2nd Place: Bode Brooks, University of West Georgia
The WOLF News- Sigma Nu Incident

3rd Place: Pafoua Yang, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
American Airlines Coming to Appleton

Award of Excellence: Andrew Bower, Huntington University
Heroin in Huntington

Award of Excellence: Nora Saks, University of Montana
Two Sisters Tackle Drug Use on a Montana Reservation

Award of Excellence: Jay Siebold, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Plan to resume fluoride in local water sparks protests

Radio Newscast

1st Place: Storme Jones, University of Oklahoma

2nd Place: Garrett Shwartz, Charlotte Kim & Sam Newman, University of Southern California
From Where We Are

3rd Place: Christie York, University of Southern Indiana
95.7 The Spin News: May 5

Award of Excellence: John Thomas & Jessa O’Connor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Carolina Connection February 4th, 2017

Television Feature

1st Place: Anna Muckerman, University of Maryland, College Park
Going Home

2nd Place: Abbey Fernandez, California State University, Fullerton
Horror Bootcamp

3rd Place: Adriana De Alba, Arizona State University
Kayenta Agricultural Program Helps Navajo Students

Award of Excellence: Jessica Coombs, Brigham Young University
A Smashing Charity Success

Award of Excellence: Julianne Maxwell, University of Maryland, College Park
Bob Benson, Mirror Artist

Television Hard News

1st Place (tie): Tyler Paley, Arizona State University
Aftermath of Las Vegas shooting

1st Place (tie): Adriana De Alba, Arizona State University
Border Wall Encroaches on Texas Retirement Community

2nd Place: Whitney Burney, Michigan State University
In the last 10 years, we’ve just lost so many

3rd Place: Katie Inman, Middle Tennessee State University
Planned White Nationalist Rally Fizzles Out Early On

Award of Excellence: Ciara Hulet, Brigham Young University
Net Neutrality Rules Affect Local Businesses

Television News Anchor

1st Place: Jessica Coombs, Brigham Young University
Jessica Coombs Anchor Reel

2nd Place: Jack Royer, The University of Alabama
Jack Royer: News Anchoring

3rd Place: Reagan Ledbetter, University of Oklahoma
Reagan Ledbetter

Award of Excellence: Josh Croup, Point Park University
Josh Croup – News Anchor

Award of Excellence: C.J. Harvey, West Virginia University
C.J. Harvey

Television News Magazine

1st Place: Jacob LaPlante, Elon University
30 Minutes Elon: Season 7, Episode 1

2nd Place: Jstyn Stain, University of Oklahoma
Routes TV: Dirty Little Secrets-Sexual Assault on Campus

3rd Place (tie): ViewFinder Team, University of Maryland, College Park
ViewFinder: Opioid Crisis Spring 2017

3rd Place (tie): Ryan Thompson, John Marcus, Chris Cheshire & Sofia Bosch, University of Southern California
The Current INTL: Germany Decides

Television Newscast (3 days per week or less)

1st Place: Paul LeBlanc, Elizabeth Bilka & Brooke Wivagg, Elon University
Elon Local News Broadcast: October 2, 2017

2nd Place: University of Montana UM News Class Fall 2017, University of Montana
UM News

3rd Place: Sam Bergum, Abby Flaxer, Sanika Bhargaw & Duanli Zhu, University of Southern California
Annenberg TV News February 15, 2017

Award of Excellence: Ashley Rogers, West Virginia University
WVU News Special Edition: 100 Days in Trump Country

Television Newscast (4 or more per week)

1st Place: Cierra Shipley, Xavier Rangel, Corderro McMurray & NAZ Today Staff, Northern Arizona University
NAZ Today-April 3, 2017

2nd Place: Joe Stephens, Alicia Harris & Dorothee Garcia, Harding University
HU16 Live at Five for November 8, 2017

3rd Place : WUFT NEWS Student Staff, University of Florida
WUFT News First at Five

Award of Excellence: Jaci Mask, Quinn Arrington & Blake Holland, University of North Texas
ntTV Nightly News-Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Television Weathercaster

1st Place: Robert Johnson, The Pennsylvania State University
Robert Johnson – Weathercaster

2nd Place: Lee Southwick, University of Florida
Lee Southwick covers Hurricane Irma

3rd Place: Jack Watson, Syracuse University
Jack Watson Weathercaster

Award of Excellence: Justin Esterly, St. Cloud State University
Justin Esterly BEA Demo 2017

Scriptwriting Competition

Faculty Scriptwriting “Best of” Festival Award: Troy Perkins, Southern Methodist University
Crossing (Short Subject/TV Half-Hour Category)

Student Scriptwriting “Best of” Festival Award: Justin Black, University of North Texas
Honey Hunt (Feature Category)

Faculty Scriptwriting Competition

Feature/TV Hour Category

Best of Competition: Jonathan D. Mabee, Missouri State University
On Blackest Day, In Brightest Night

Award of Excellence: Kathryn S. Gardiner, Ball State University
The Regiment

Award of Excellence: Troy Perkins, Southern Methodist University

Short Subject/TV Half-Hour Category

Best of Competition: Angela Criscoe, Georgia College & State University
No Cents Math

Award of Excellence: M.C. Smith & E.R. Womelsduff, Pepperdine University
PRIVY LEAGUE – Sexual Orientation

Student Scriptwriting Competition

Feature Category

1st Place: Austin Brown, Illinois State University
Pitch Rangers

2nd place: Eric Barbara, University of North Texas

3rd Place: Madison Auten, Missouri State University

Award of Excellence: Derwin Graham, University of North Texas

Award of Excellence: Brian Welch, University of North Texas
The Horror of Social Intercourse

Mobisode/Webisode Category

1st Place: Erin Snider, Jaci Herron, Matthew Neff & Sean Thiessen, Missouri State University
Heart Strings

2nd Place: Tom Boyer, Missouri State University
Out For Delivery

Original Television Series Pilot

1st Place: Matthew R. Humphrey, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
The Church “The First Day”

2nd Place (tie): Emma Murphy, University of Georgia
Cloverleaf Mall

2nd Place (tie): Aaron Michael Davis, Purdue University Northwest
GownTown: It Has Pockets

3rd Place (tie): Julius Jefferson, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

3rd Place (tie): Kalley Hoshaw, Bethany Lutheran College

Short Subject Category

1st Place: Molly Bookner, Tulane University

2nd Place: Laura Walters, University of Cincinnati
Good Times

3rd Place: Brennan Thomas O’Donnell, Tulane University
Broken Branches

Award of Excellence: Jacob Pieczynski, Marquette University
Dr. Amorette’s Post Life Observatory

Award of Excellence: Sabrina Simpson & Christophe Charre, University of Florida

Television Spec Category

1st Place: Jessica Cannell & Miranda Redenbaugh, Purdue University Northwest
Westworld “Stage Theory”

2nd Place: John Abbassi, Purdue University Northwest
Reaping What You Sow

Sports Competition

Faculty Sports “Best of” Festival Award: Larry Foley, University of Arkansas
Frank Broyles, Arkansas Legend (Long Form Sports Video Category)

Student Sports “Best of” Festival Award: David Perez & Danyel De Villiers, University of Miami
D’Mauri Jones: Painting Inspiration (Television Sports Story/Feature Category)

Faculty Sports Competition

Short Form Sports Video Category

Best of Competition: Antonio A. Ayala, Oscar Guerra & Paul Hodges, San Francisco State University
Estación de mi Gente: Tito Fuentes

Best of Competition: Michael Bruce &
Chandra Clark, The University of Alabama
Do Right Spec Trailer

TV Sports Event Direction & Production

Best of Competition: David Deeley, University of North Florida
UNF vs. Jacksonville Men’s Basketball ASUN Quarterfinal Game

Student Sports Competition

Radio Sports Story/Feature/News

1st Place: Payton Walker, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
UNC expert calls for more rule changes to prevent football concussions

2nd Place: Dan Hanson & Kenny Conrade, Hofstra University
Pro Teams Need Pro Seams – Meet Stitches

3rd Place: Elle Kehres, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Baseball team mascot more than just a friendly pet

Award of Excellence: Caleb Califano, Liberty University
Super Smash Bros.

Radio/TV Sports Event: Play-by-Play Talent

1st Place: Jon Sokoloff & Connor Weingarten, Ithaca College
Jon Sokoloff Ithaca Football Play-By-Play

2nd Place: Jason Ruff & Jack Sznewajs, Michigan State University
Jason Ruff Play-by-Play Entry

3rd Place: Bowling Green Radio Sports Organization, Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green Radio Sports Organization Men’s Basketball vs San Jose State

Award of Excellence: Josh Croup, Point Park University
Josh Croup Basketball Play-by-Play

Television Sports Event Production

1st Place: Kaitlyn Young, Connor Nichols, Mick Tidrow & Matt Craig, Ball State University
Ball State Basketball vs. Stony Brook

2nd Place: Sarah Paulus, Greg Spaeth & Jeremy Lagos, St. Cloud State University
Men’s Hockey – St. Cloud State University vs. University of North Dakota

3rd Place: Phoenix All-Access, Elon University
Elon Women’s Basketball vs. UNCW

Award of Excellence: Jack Kempner, Jennie Arruda, Pat Pearce & Evan Kuh, Ithaca College
ICTV Bombers Live – Cortaca Jug Football Game

Award of Excellence: Jordan Rheams, Southeastern Louisiana University
Southeastern vs. Southern of New Orleans Basketball Game

Television Sports Story/Feature

1st Place: David Merrill, Palm Beach Atlantic University
One Last Ride: A PBA Lacrosse Story

2nd Place: Addison Skaggs, Oklahoma State University
Mother and athlete

3rd Place: Alex Flum & Jamal Francis, University of Maryland, College Park
Olympic Curling

Award of Excellence: Troy Lynch, Arizona State University
Swimming Helps Horses For Race Day

Award of Excellence: Blake Benard, Arizona State University
A Unique Approach To Training

Award of Excellence: Madison Golden & Joe Scarrella, St. Cloud State University
Clara Krenz

Award of Excellence: Tracy Yatsko, Sarah Shields & Ben Otte, Temple University
Temple TUFF

Award of Excellence: Jihad Shatara, University of Miami
Under the Uniform

Award of Excellence: Colby Ballard & Avery Simon, University of Oklahoma
Debbie Copp: Passion in the Process

Award of Excellence: Davis Kuck & Sabi Rivera Alvarado, University of Oklahoma
Dewey Selmon: Field to Family

Award of Excellence: Justin Fitzpatrick, Western Illinois University
Sam Pryor Cut Feature

Television Sports Talent (Anchor / Host)

1st Place: Zac Pacleb, Arizona State University
Zac Pacleb Sports Reporter Reel

2nd Place: Reagan Ledbetter, University of Oklahoma
Reagan Ledbetter

3rd Place: Joseph Payton, Ohio University
Joseph Payton: Host of Gridiron Glory

Award of Excellence: Payton Walker, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Payton Walker Anchor Reel

Award of Excellence: Hannah Goetz, West Virginia University
Hannah Goetz

TV Sports News Program

1st Place: Matt McGann, Max Gross, Lucas Messina & Tyler Seggerman, Oklahoma State University
The Poke Report 4-18-2017

2nd Place: Matt Welsh & Torii Bicondova, University of Oklahoma
Sooner Sports Pad – Baker Mayfield

3rd Place: Jake Mankin, Addison Skaggs, Anna Layton & Emma Stamps, Oklahoma State University
The Poke Report 10-27-2017

Award of Excellence: Troy Lynch & Blaine McCormick, Arizona State University
ASU Football Show: Episode 12 (Post Season Wrap up)

Award of Excellence: Joe Scarrella & Sarah Paulus, St. Cloud State University
Husky Faceoff 11/17/17

Two-Year Small Colleges Competition

Student Two-Year Small Colleges “Best of” Festival Award: Jeffrey Dallet, Emily Griffith Technical College
Jumping Jack (Promotional/Educational/Non-Narrative Category)

Student Two-Year Small Colleges Competition

Audio Category

1st Place: Alan Perales, Grossmont College
Their Odyssey

2nd Place: Tyler Patton, Oklahoma City University
The Escape OKC

Narrative/Live: Narrative Category

1st Place: Sam Raulli, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Collateral Damage

2nd Place: Marcus Ruiz, Bethany Lutheran College
Return of Simba

3rd Place: Mallory Erwin & Jazmine Burkett, Pepperdine University

Award of Excellence: Payton Dorothy & Andrew James, Huntington University
The Weekend


1st Place: Abbey Frisco, Huntington University
Immeasurable Worship

2nd Place: Nick Talan, Rock Valley College