2019 Winners

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Audio Competition

Best Of Festival Faculty Audio: Chris Underation, Kornel Gerstner, Chris Nelson & Philip Sitterding, Liberty University
That Precious Spark — The Encounter (Long-Form Production Category)

Best Of Festival Student Audio: Casey Stone, Nicklaus Martin & Tristin Kadlec, Missouri State University
DUST (Multimedia Sound Design Category)

Faculty Audio Competition

Long-Form Production Category

Best of Competition: Kornel Gerstner, Liberty University
The Encounter: The Decision Ep. 27

Award of Excellence: Jim Gray, St. Cloud State University
Night of The Living Dead

Radio Documentary Category

Best of Competition: Kim Fox & Sarah Hassan, The American University in Cairo
Ramadan Across Social Classes in Cairo

Award of Excellence: Dutch Hoggatt, Harding University
Artist Spotlight: Les Paul & Mary Ford

Radio Station Promo, PSA, Commercial Category

Best of Competition: Don Connelly & Dr. Bruce H. Frazier, Western Carolina University
Universal Social Media Life Insurance Company

Award of Excellence: Jodeane Brownlee & Michael Burns, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Haunted Heartland 2018 Promo

Award of Excellence: David Shabazz, Kentucky State University
Arts in Education

Short-Form Production Category

Best of Competition: Kornel Gerstner, Liberty University
Narnia Trailer New Genre & Sound Design

Award of Excellence: Glenn Hubbard, Curtis Hubbard & Matthew Vance, East Carolina University
Where or When.

Student Audio Competition

Air Personality Category

1st Place: Riley Friesner, Goshen College
Riley’s Air Check

2nd Place: Bradley Clarke, Hofstra University
The Game Show Starring Bradley Clarke

3rd Place: Matthew Jarecki, Northern Arizona University
The Jerk

Award of Excellence: Mallory Moreno, University of Indianapolis
Mallory Moreno Show

Award of Excellence: Kadie Spoor, Goshen College
Kadie’s Breakfast Blend

Award of Excellence: Damara Peraino, Rowan University
Satin Nights

Award of Excellence: Neriah Ethridge, University of West Georgia
Best of Neriah E

Comedy or Drama Category

1st Place: Michael Burns, University of Nebraska at Omaha
A Dark Night in Arkham

2nd Place: Michael J. Hendricks, Marquette University
What Happened with CYRUS

3rd Place: Jared Cobb, Franchette O’Neal & Kelsie Posey, Georgia Southern University
Not Alone

Award of Excellence: Devon Maline, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Detective Flabergast and the Mysterious Toon Murders

Educational Program Category

1st Place: Engy Moheb, The American University in Cairo
The Invincibility Fable

2nd Place: Chloe Tyson, Donnie Burgess, Shayla Cabalan & Mallory Moreno, University of Indianapolis
WICR Radio Live Election Night Coverage

3rd Place: Lara Thrapp, York College of Pennsylvania
WVYC Studios Presents-Buzzed

Award of Excellence: Brian Delp, Harding University

Multimedia Sound Design Category

1st Place (tie): Caitlin Gaff & Alec Ellsworth, Taylor University
Bourne Supremacy Foley

1st Place (tie): Jonathan Perez & Julian Melson, Cogswell College
African Technology Foundation Branding Spot

Award of Excellence: Daniel Walters, Liberty University
Touch of Evil – opening sequence sound design

PSA, Promo or Commercial Category

1st Place: Thomas Butcher, Jake Rapanotti, Alexa Ellish & Bailey Ernst, Oakland University
The Condom Song

2nd Place: Kadie Spoor, Goshen College
River Bend Film Fest – Promo Series

3rd Place: Jordan Verge, Husson University
That’s What I Do

Award of Excellence: Zach Rzicznek, Bowling Green State University
Vinyl Hour Show Promo

Award of Excellence: Justin Hoffa, Marion Deguzman & Latanya Ramos, Grossmont Community College
Party Safety PSA

Award of Excellence: Riley Friesner, Goshen College
The Breakfast Blend Coffee Shop

Sound Engineering and Production

1st Place: Nicolas Kauffman, Cogswell College
Making Whoopee by MSU Jazz Ensemble

2nd Place (tie): Andrew Couch, Francisco Herrera & Jamie Talamentez, Missouri State University
Queen City Sessions

2nd Place (tie): Kevin Tran, Jeffrey Whitten & Nathan Jeffers, California State University – Fullerton
Titan Radio Live! featuring Rat Soup

Specialty Program Category

1st Place: Damara Pernio, Rowan University
Control Q Dreaming

2nd Place: Ben Phillips, Harrison Popp, Simon Ristow & Ben Phillips, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Haunted Heartland 2018 Part I

3rd Place: Matthew Jarecki, Northern Arizona University
The Jerk

Award of Excellence: Allison Bennett Dyche, Virginia Commonwealth University
Profile of Warren O’Reilly

Award of Excellence: Abigail Voggenreiter, Liberty University
I’m Worth It (And So Are You)

Award of Excellence: Eboni Johnson, University of North Texas
Good Soil, Good Souls: The Story of Bonton Farms

Documentary Competition

Best Of Festival Faculty Documentary: TJ Martinez, Texas Tech University
All Around (Short Form Video or Film Documentary Category)

Best Of Festival Student Documentary: Oswmer Louis, Kyle Aulow, Nicole Mariutto & Joan Ordonez, University of Central Florida
Marching Forward (Long Form Video or Film Documentary Category)

Faculty Documentary Competition

Long Form Video or Film Documentary Category

Best of Competition: H.D. Motyl & Mark Stoffel, Southern Illinois University
In The Shadow

Award of Excellence: Kathy Bruner, Brad Hoehner, Elyse Horb & Joshua Taylor, Taylor University
Last Year at the Crossing

Short Form Video or Film Documentary Category

Best of Competition: Alan E Franks, University of Alabama – Birmingham
For the Love of the Reef

Award of Excellence: Adam Widener, Huntington University
The Promise

Student Documentary Competition

Long Form Video or Film Documentary Category

1st Place: Justin Parham, Scott Bourque, Brittany Brown & Jasmine Putney, Arizona State University, University of Mississippi & University of Iowa
American Hate

2nd Place: Chandler Henry, Liberty University
From Nothing: The Story of Joe Pyfer

3rd Place: Peter Chamalian, Tyler Kubicz, Montana Marose & David Gutentag, Rowan University

Award of Excellence: Katie Kemmerer, Erin Dolan, Hannah Gelle & Paddy Cotter, Pennsylvania State University
Quiet Sundays

Short Form Video or Film Documentary Category

1st Place : Thomas Weybrecht, East Carolina University
The Legacy Sessions

2nd Place: Oliva Mullen, Morgon Goranson & Ryan Gebhardt, Pennsylvania State University
Brandi Discovered

3rd Place: Hannah Goebel, Patrick Linehan, Niko Hays & Rebekah Hardwicke, Taylor University
Cos Wars: More Than a Hobby

Award of Excellence: Jasmine Spearing-Bowen, Arizona State University
Myeloma Rabbit Virus

Award of Excellence: Ahmed Atef Abbas, The American University in Cairo
El Shayya

Award of Excellence: Story Sims, Brock Zych & DeShaw Thomas, The University of Tennessee
Abigail’s Picnic

Award of Excellence: Dominique Cornacchia & McKenzie Cordell, Champlain College

Award of Excellence: Aya Saleh, The American University in Cairo
Catherine Exists

Award of Excellence: Carmen Vincent, Valparaiso University
I’m Transgender

Award of Excellence: Hugo Mendez, Marisa Zakes, Jessica Peeters, Lauren Alberti, & Nick Sintilas, SUNY – New Paltz
Coming Out as a Queen

Film & Video Competition

Best Of Festival Faculty Film & Video: Edward Neil Bowen, Paul Chilsen & Will Ludwigsen, Middle Tennessee State University
In Search Of (Narrative Category)

Best Of Festival Student Film & Video: Caitlyn Chase, Huntington University
Pig Tails (Animation/Experimental/Mixed Category)

Best Of Festival Student Film & Video: Jonathon Kane & James Ehle, Huntington University
The Concourse (Narrative Category)

Faculty Film & Video Competition

Commercial or PSA Category

Best of Competition: Douglas “Doom” Kass, Elon University
The Game’s Not Over: U.N. AIDS World Cup Campaign

Award of Excellence: John J. Conway III, Lynn University
Adrenalin Commercial

Educational or Instructional Category

Best of Competition: Joseph Kraemer, Towson University
Just Another Day: How to Survive an Active Shooter Event on Campus

Award of Excellence: Oscar Guerra Nunez, San Francisco State University
360 Video Production: Basic Gear

Mixed / Pedagogical (Teacher/Student Co-Production) Category

Best of Competition: Stephen Filmer, Bailey Netsch & Juliana Evans, Arizona State University
Science of the Saguaro Cactus

Award of Excellence: Richard Amberg, Lucie Amberg, Weiyan Wang & Andrew Twibell, Missouri State University

Award of Excellence: Matt Meyer, George Fox University
Changing Time

Award of Excellence: Cory Byers & Ashley Seering, Southern Illinois University
Inconclusive Mysteriosities

Narrative Category

Best of Competition: Jon Ward, Central Washington University
Some Gave All

Award of Excellence: Sheila E. Schroeder, University of Denver
Scary Lucy

Award of Excellence: David Mallin, Vince DeGeorge & Jaclyn Marry, Old Dominion University
18 Mornings

Promotional Category

Best of Competition: Chandra Clark & Scott Hodgson, University of Alabama & University of Oklahoma
First Informers: Hurricane Harvey

Award of Excellence: Babak Sarrafan, San Jose State University
Four Winds Creative Promo Video

Award of Excellence: John J. Conway III, Lynn University
What’s Inside of You (Animated Music Video)

Award of Excellence: Scott E. Schimmel, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Sustaining Kahoolawe

Student Film & Video Competition

Animation/Experimental/Mixed Category

1st Place: Danyel Beaver, East Carolina University
The Meaning of Art

2nd Place: Kourteney Biddle, Huntington University
Threaded Secrets

3rd Place: Megan Shandel, Robert Morris University

Award of Excellence: Thomas A. Perry, Elon University
The Reel of Thomas Perry

Award of Excellence: Gerardo Marrufo, University of Oklahoma

Award of Excellence: Joseph Jauregui, Palomar College

Award of Excellence: Zach Guinta, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Unpredictable Consistency

Award of Excellence: Ciara Boniface, University of North Texas
Newport City

Award of Excellence: Alyssa L. Standen, Kent State University
Forgive Me

Instructional/Educational Category

1st Place: Christopher Gearhart, Taylor University
The Ultimate Lego Animation Guide: Episode 2

2nd Place: Samantha Hawkins, University of Maryland
ViewFinder: The Other Games

3rd Place: Davis Kuck & Anna Groom, University of Oklahoma
Gail Davis

Award of Excellence: Andi Wenck, University of Maryland
Why I Farm

Music Video Category

1st Place: Noah Poynter, Purdue University
Green Light

2nd Place: Landry Long & Jake Vriezelaar, Taylor University

3rd Place: Riley McQuown & Jeffrey Carr, Point Loma Nazarene University
Back To Me Music Video

Award of Excellence: Shelby Price, Charles Lowry, Sean Mcclelland & Emma Anderson-Wise, Huntington University

Narrative Category

1st Place: Shannon Farrell, April Spotts, Chris Walega & David Guttentag, Rowan University
Midnight Broadcast

2nd Place: Tamara Dobry & Christopher Petow, University of Florida
I Remember

3rd Place: Sahvannah Henry, Andrea Leiva, Florencia Schinoff &
Tina Sanchez, University of La Verne

Award of Excellence: Gina D. Ferguson, George Fox University
They All Fall

Award of Excellence: John Rizkallah & Emilio Mazariegos, Biola University
Mallory, Los Angeles

Award of Excellence: Shahriar Shafinani, Semih Bedir, Dustin Jenkins & Daniel Aguera, Ohio University

Award of Excellence: Anya Swanson, Halle Cottle, Corey Ross-Robertson & Tyler Nyquist, Pennsylvania State University

Award of Excellence: Conor Tierney, Kara Brower & Kael Upschulte, Missouri State University

Award of Excellence: Jack McHugh, Scott Skuggevik, Eveline Levin & Bryan Labas, SUNY – New Paltz

Award of Excellence: Joyce Lim , Jacob Hatfield, James Russin & Lauren Rader, Pennsylvania State University

Award of Excellence: Kirby Dobbs & Kristina Perez, University of Florida
Finding Spencer Price

Award of Excellence: Marlena McReynolds, Paul McFerron, Mariah Zenk & Allen Hudson, Missouri State University

Award of Excellence: Stephen Panella, Erin Cooper & Gabby Muino, University of Florida

Award of Excellence: Bronson Crabtree, Harding University
The Bench

Award of Excellence: Tony Casillas, University of North Texas
One Tough Cookie

Award of Excellence: Aaron Geldner, Tulane University
A Drink and a Dance

Award of Excellence: Nicole Brice, Maleek Loyd, Emmitt Carden & Madison Bloom, Appalachian State University
The Flat Affect

Award of Excellence: Logan Triplett, Casey Stone, Harrison Palmer & Selah Snowden, Missouri State University

Award of Excellence: James Slark, Colorado State University

Promotional Category

1st Place: Abbi Dedmon & Alé Fuenmayor, University of Oklahoma
NAB: Social Media

2nd Place: Suzie Staiger & Leah Johnson, Harding University
Football Promo – “New Takeover”

3rd Place: Jaci Herron, Missouri State University
Dust: Behind the Scenes — From the Actors Perspective

Award of Excellence: Ryan Hollst & Lyle Kwiatkowski, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Earth Day Promo for MavRadio.FM

Award of Excellence: Jesse Maestrian & Alex Maestrian, Huntington University
Candy Vale Promo

Award of Excellence: Jared Clifton, Fabio Souza & NorseMedia
, Northern Kentucky University
First Step Home

Award of Excellence: Hayley Bledsoe & Aniq Zoha, University of Oklahoma
Musical Theatre

Award of Excellence: Darian Fox, Lauren Garvey, Katie Jobson, Cailey Gribben & Grace Hourigan, James Madison University
Urbino Now 2018

Award of Excellence: Amanda Stephens & Benji Vasquez, University of Oklahoma
Norman Rec

Spots Category

1st Place: Sarah Williams, University of Oklahoma
Domestic Abuse PSA

2nd Place: Nykolas Wynes, University of Oklahoma
Bic Pen

3rd Place: Caitlin Gaff & Micah Stewart, Taylor University
LaCroix Commercial

Award of Excellence: Marina Antonowicz, Lynn University
Popsity 2020 Promotional Video

Award of Excellence: Diego Daura, Kaitlin McMurry, Jared Wekenman & Maria Pimentel, Loyola University Chicago
Every Flower Has a Story

Award of Excellence: Jacob Salsbury, Kendall Adams, Noah Stinson & Clint Sprunger, Huntington University
Habitat for Humanity Animated PSA #3

Studio (multi-camera or live-to-tape) Category

1st Place: Brooke Reotutar, Blake Howard & Joy Cooper, Palomar College
Palomar Live Episode: Show 7 04/19/2018

2nd Place: Alison Bonaviso, Evan Paradiso, Frank Yee & Raj Chidambaram, Hofstra University
Anything Goes

3rd Place: Michael Davis, University of Oklahoma
The Set – Austin Kimmel

Award of Excellence: Greta Neufeld, Kyle Hufford & Jace Longenecker, Goshen College
Festival of Carols

Award of Excellence: Alicia Harris, Shannon Keirce, Andrew Cicco & Amanda Durey, Harding University
A Conversation With!

Award of Excellence: Elon After Hours, Elon University
Elon After Hours Season 5 Episode 8

Interactive Multimedia Competition

Best Of Festival Faculty IMM: Howard Goldbaum, Reynolds School of Journalism / University of Nevada, Reno
VR from the Sky – Drones and Virtual Reality (Interactive Reality Category)

Best Of Festival Student IMM: T.J. Mesyn, Michigan State University
American Hurt: Vietnam Veteran Portraits & Perspectives (Website Category)

Faculty Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies Competition

Website Category

Best of Competition: Steven D. Anderson, James Madison University
CSS Grid Layout

Award of Excellence: Talé Mitchell & Shelly Hokanson, James Madison University
Racial Undertones in Advertising: Lack of Diversity Divides Us

Student Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies Competition

Interactive Reality Category

1st Place: Aaron Rosa, University of Maryland
CNS: After the Floods; Rebuilding Ellicott City [360 video in 3D]

2nd Place: Reagan Hayes-Dyer, University of Oklahoma
Routes TV 360: OK Teacher Walkout

3rd Place: Bree McCullough, West Virginia University
Friends of Cheat Acid Mine Remediation

Mobile Apps Category

1st Place: Holden Broughman, James Madison University
All Things Auto – “An app to connect the automotive world”

Multimedia Storytelling Category

1st Place: CPJW Staff, Hussman School of Journalism and Media, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Catawba Calling

2nd Place: Aftermath Staff, Hussman School of Journalism and Media, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Aftermath: Puerto Ricans Rebuild After Maria

3rd Place (tie): Capital News Service, University of Maryland
After the Floods: Must Ellicott City Be Destroyed in Order to Save It?

3rd Place (tie): Nick Cook, Elon University
Power of a Wish: An Interactive Report

Website Category

1st Place: Neha Tandon, Jamie Jenson & April Rink, Syracuse University
NEHA: A digital publication for compassionate travelers.

2nd Place: Kyndall DySard, Nick Cook, Arvanna Smart & Sarah Donahue, Elon University
Haitian Heritage & Friends of Haiti

3rd Place: Jake Bullington & Samantha Ohlson, Drake University
Urban Plains

News Competition

Best Of Festival Faculty News: John C.P. Goheen, Loyola University Chicago
Malecon (TV Hard News Reporting Category)

Best Of Festival Student Radio: Storme Jones, University of Oklahoma
Plastic Bag Fee (Radio Hard News Reporting Category)

Best Of Festival Student TV: Austin Kleber & Lauren Koenig, University of Maryland
Underwater Halloween (Television Feature Category)

Best Of Festival Student Newscast: Lauren Linville & Jesse Lofton, University of Oklahoma
OU Nightly (Television Newscast (4 or more per week) Category)

Faculty News Competition

Feature News Reporting Category

Best of Competition: Kim Fox & Menna Eid, The American University in Cairo
Egypt’s Obsession With Their Neighbors

Radio Hard News Reporting Category

Best of Competition: Mark R Perry, Indiana Wesleyan University
Farm Tariffs

Television Feature News Reporting Category

Best of Competition (tie): Mike Castellucci, Michigan State University
Answer the Call

Best of Competition (tie) : Thorne Anderson, University of North Texas
Still On The Edge

Television Hard News Reporting Category

Best of Competition: Simon Perez, Syracuse University
Simon Perez – MMJ Montage – Hard News

Student News Competition

Radio Feature Reporting Category

1st Place: Kaylee Nedrow, Liberty University
All About ASMR

2nd Place: Christina Turner, University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa Spooks

3rd Place: Halisia Hubbard, University of Montana
How Willard Became Willard

Award of Excellence: Evelyn Hanks, Liberty University
Water Changes Everything

Radio Hard News Reporting Category

1st Place: Megan Manata, Gabe Gross-Sable, Rennie Svirnovsky & Selena Seay-Reynolds, University of Southern California
Woolsey Fire Animal Evacuations

2nd Place: Bode Brooks, University West Georgia
The WOLF News – Newnan Nazi Rally Coverage

3rd Place: Rikki Devlin, University of Montana
Missing Native Woman

Award of Excellence: Spencer Schacht, St. Cloud State University
Somali Students Reaction to Scream Town Post

Radio Newscast Category

1st Place: Garrett Short, Indiana State University
WZIS News Update

2nd Place: Storme Jones, University of Oklahoma
KGOU Noon Newscast 4-3-18

3rd Place: Savannah Robinson, Camila Rios & Selena Seay-Reynolds, University of Southern California
From Where We Are: November 8, 2018

Television Feature Category

1st Place: Lillian Donahue, Arizona State University
Honor Flight

2nd Place: Alexa Lorenzo, University of Florida
Python Hunters

3rd Place: Ahmed Atef Abbas, The American University in Cairo
Blue Hole- Divers` paradise cemetery

Award of Excellence: Matt Lively, Arizona State University
Operation Restoring Hope

Award of Excellence: Branson Reasor & Tyler Ziegler, Minnesota State University
MSUM Marine Biology Lab

Television Hard News Category

1st Place: Zachary Anders, Washington State University
E-cigarettes and those who use them

2nd Place: Lillian Donahue, Arizona State University
Supai Village Residents Fearful for their Future

3rd Place: Maren Cline, Brigham Young University
Facebook Scam

Award of Excellence: Abbie McIntosh, University of Mississippi
Ole Miss Alums and Students Deal with Aftermath of Hurricane Michael

Television News Anchor Category

1st Place: Alyson Caffrey, Brigham Young University
Anchor Reel – Alyson Caffrey

2nd Place: Grace Hayba, Pennsylvania State University
Grace Hayba – Television News Anchor

3rd Place: Bryce Newberry, Arizona State University
Bryce Newberry Anchor Reel

Award of Excellence: Gilat Melamed, Syracuse University
Gilat Melamed News Anchor Reel

Television News Magazine Category

1st Place: WUFT NEWS/Noticias, University of Florida
Life After Maria

2nd Place: Alyssa Cichy, Olivia Hogan & Alex Bobbyn, Pennsylvania State University
Centre County Report in Israel

3rd Place (tie): ViewFinder Team Spring 2018, University of Maryland
ViewFinder: Baltimore in Pieces

3rd Place (tie): Kassie Gann, Oklahoma State University
Pete’s Corner: Route 66

Award of Excellence: Jessica Cardenas, Viviana Borroel & Adeyling Fiallos, California State University – Fullerton
Al Dia Newsmagzaine, Episode 1

Award of Excellence: Ryan Thompson, Taylor Edghill & Ali Main, University of Southern California
The Current International: The War in Yemen

Television Newscast (3 days per week or less) Category

1st Place: Asad Bokhari, Cassie Semyon &
Logan Moritz, Temple University
Temple Update December 6, 2018

2nd Place: Thomas Fletcher, Justin Stevens & Jenna Weiss, University of Miami
UMTV NewsVision 9/27/18

3rd Place: Kendall Ashman, Tony Black & Griffin Stroin, Michigan State University
Focal Point News: Larry Nassar Special 2/9/18

Award of Excellence: Meg Weissend, West Virginia University
WVU News Special Edition Election 2018: A Nation Divided

Television Newscast (4 or more per week) Category

1st Place: Conor Sweetman, Jessica Duarte, Cassidy Zimarik & NAZ Today Student Team, Northern Arizona University
NAZ Today, Weds. Nov. 28, 2018

2nd Place: Drake Lawson & Daniela Ibarra, University of North Texas
NTTV Nightly News – Oct. 17, 2018

3rd Place: Hayley Brand, Kevyn Gessner & Acuzena Martinez, Arizona State University
Cronkite News 3/14/18 – “March for our Lives” Team Coverage

Television Weathercaster Category

1st Place: Jordan Evans, Arizona State University
Jordan Evans Weathercast

2nd Place: Rob Johnson, Pennsylvania State University
Rob Johnson Television Weathercaster

3rd Place: Lauren Schieler, Arizona State University
Lauren Schieler

Scriptwriting Competition

Best Of Festival Faculty Scriptwriting: Cristina Pippa, Missouri State University
Journey to Questica (Feature/TV Hour Category)

Best Of Festival Student Scriptwriting: Kersten Schatz, Missouri State University
RECOILED (Short Subject Category)

Faculty Scriptwriting Competition

Episodic Short Category

Best of Competition: David Shabazz, Kentucky State University

Feature/TV Hour Category

Best of Competition: Imelda O’Reilly, James Madison University
We’re the Kids in America

Award of Excellence: Cristina Pippa, Missouri State University
Return to Vienna

Short Subject/TV Half-Hour Category

Best of Competition: Aaron Greer & Marsha Walker, Loyola University Chicago
Big Sandy

Award of Excellence: James M. Martin, University of North Texas
Witch Way Love

Award of Excellence: David Mallin, Old Dominion University
Hurricane Roads

Student Scriptwriting Competition

Feature Category

1st Place: Danielle Newport, Palm Beach Atlantic University

2nd place: Emma Meadows, Palm Beach Atlantic University
The Blur

3rd Place: Seth McBride, Biola University
Old School

Award of Excellence: Timfreit Drane, East Tennessee State University
Touch The Ceiling

Award of Excellence: Jonathan Jagdeo, University of Central Florida
Same Love

Award of Excellence: Micheal Raines, University of Georgia
Noche De Los Muertos (Night of the Dead)

Mobisode/Webisode Category

1st Place: Emma Barry, Emily Coller & Kyle Howell, Xavier University
Split Second

2nd Place: Jaret Conlee & Kashif Lewis, San Francisco State University

3rd Place: Lorenzo Cooper, Joel Myers & Kai Yost, University of Georgia

Original Television Series Pilot Category

1st Place: Lucia Vereen, University of Georgia
Chesterfield, Episode 8: “Can’t Go Home Now”

2nd Place: Chiquita Talley, Sophia Serpa, Hovannes Jarkezian & Taina Dominguez, University of Central Florida
Fingers Crossed

3rd Place (tie): Murilo Artese, Appalachian State University
The Host Family

3rd Place (tie): Willow Onken, Missouri State University
Sea Dogs, “Sail Ho!”

Award of Excellence: Grace King, Appalachian State University

Award of Excellence: Leticia Landrau, Palm Beach Atlantic University
The Amaros Who?

Short Subject Category

1st Place: Mary Devore, Huntington University
System Error

2nd Place: Elizabeth Chan, Tulane University
Vacant Space

3rd Place: Jaci Herron & Candace Bruce, Missouri State University
Cult for a Day

Award of Excellence: Jonathon Kane & James Ehle, Huntington University
The Concourse

Award of Excellence: Martin Bauer, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Last Word

Television Spec Category

1st Place (tie): Madison Bauer, Missouri State University
Stranger Things “The New Girl in Town”

1st Place (tie): Willow Onken, Missouri State University
The 100 “Thunder Past”

2nd Place: Nicola Pieper, George Fox University
The Office: “Big Boss”

Sports Competition

Best Of Festival Faculty Sports: Mike Castellucci, Michigan State University
A Meeting at Home (Short Form Sports Video Category)

Best Of Festival Student Sports: Troy Lynch, Arizona State University
Turning Tragedy To Triumph (Television Sports Story/Feature Category)

Faculty Sports Competition

Sports Mixed Video Category

Best of Competition: Oscar Guerra Nunez, Dakota Giglio & Jennifer Gasang, San Francisco State University
City Surf Project

Sports Radio Category

Best of Competition: John Shrader, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Sport and the Immigrant Experience in small town Nebraska

TV Sports Event Direction & Production Category

Best of Competition: David Deeley, University of North Florida
2018 ASUN Baseball Championship Tournament JU vs UNF (Game 3)

Student Sports Competition

Radio Sports Story/Feature/News Category

1st Place: Cameron Pratt, Ithaca College
Radio Sports Story – Cortaca Jug Game Open

2nd Place: Chandler Henry, Liberty University
The Dream Dies not the Feeling

3rd Place: Kenny Conrade, Hofstra University
Charles Wang Remembered

Award of Excellence: Matthew Jarecki, Northern Arizona University
News segment from “The Jerk”

Radio/TV Sports Event: Play-by-Play Talent Category

1st Place: Connor Onion, Southern Illinois University
Connor Onion: Football Play-By-Play (Southern Illinois at Ole Miss)

2nd Place: Jack Kizer & Alex Thomas, Ball State University
SL Digital: Ball State vs. IUPUI (Men’s Basketball)

3rd Place: Blaine McCormick, Arizona State University
Blaine McCormick Play-by-Play Arizona State vs Colorado Football

Award of Excellence: Hans Bristol & Nathan Daggett, St. Cloud State University
NCAA Division II Men’s Basketball – St. Cloud State vs. Minnesota State – Mankato

Award of Excellence: Thomas Fleming, Oklahoma State University
Thomas Fleming PxP

Award of Excellence: Thomas D. Breach, St. Cloud State University
SCSU Upsets No. 10 SMSU (DII WVB)

Television Sports Event Production Category

1st Place: Greg Spaeth, Ashley Pierson & Madison Golden, St. Cloud State University
Men’s Hockey St. Cloud State University vs University of Nebraska-Omaha

2nd Place: Ball State Sports Link, Ball State University
Ball State vs Central Michigan: Softball on ESPN+

3rd Place: Laura Morgan & Austin Forsberg , Middle Tennessee State University
MTSU v UTEP Volleyball

Award of Excellence: Kevin Henkels & Ryan Tyler, Middle Tennessee State University
MTSU v UAB Football

Award of Excellence: Dylan Domangue, Richie Solares, Taylor Sharp & Southeastern Channel Staff, Southeastern Louisiana University
Southeastern vs. Abilene Christian football (10/20/2018)

Television Sports Story/Feature Category

1st Place: Brooke Coltelli, Arizona State University
Coach Kibler

2nd Place: Alex Thomas & Jack Kizer, Ball State University
Ball State Sports Link: Getting the Call (Will Baker)

3rd Place: Sarah Metts, Temple University
Finding A Home- Temple TUFF

Award of Excellence: Jake Trybulski & Drake Dunaway, Arizona State University
Rez Golf

Award of Excellence: David Perez, The University of Miami
Overcoming Heartbreak

Award of Excellence: Alex Littlehales, The University of Maryland
Buba Baseball

Award of Excellence: Anthony Totri, Arizona State University
ACL Brothers

Award of Excellence: Bailey O’Carroll, Arizona State University
ASU Groundskeeper

Award of Excellence: Michael Epps, Michigan State University
There’s A Height Difference

Award of Excellence: Chancellor Johnson, Arizona State University
Basketball Virtuoso

Television Sports Talent (Anchor / Host) Category

1st Place: Matthew Jarecki, Northern Arizona University
Matthew Jarecki

2nd Place: Thomas Fleming, Oklahoma State University
Thomas Fleming Demo Reel

3rd Place: Collin Kennedy, University of Oklahoma
Collin Kennedy

Award of Excellence: Joe Scarrella, St. Cloud State University
Joe Scarrella – Talent Reel

Award of Excellence: Blaine McCormick, Arizona State University
Blaine McCormick Fall 2018 Sports Talent Reel

Award of Excellence: Alexa Ross, Temple University
Alexa Ross

Award of Excellence: Matt Bevenour, Temple University
Matt Bevenour

Award of Excellence: Scotty Gange, Arizona State University
Scotty Gange

Award of Excellence: Brandon Pelter, Pennsylvania State University
Brandon Pelter – TV Sports Talent

TV Sports News Program Category

1st Place: Terra Pinckley, Hailey Hole, Chaz Frazier, & Tyler Paley, Arizona State University
Cronkite Sports Report – Season 10, Episode 6

2nd Place: Erinn Casey, Jarin Matheny, Alex Thomas & Jack Kizer, Ball State University
Ball State Sports Link: Gameday LIVE (FB vs EMU)

3rd Place: Joe Scarrella & Greg Spaeth, St. Cloud State University
Husky Face-off (12/7/18)

Award of Excellence: Scotty Gange & Blaine McCormick, Arizona State University
The House – Episode 8

Award of Excellence: Noah Lau, Arizona State University
The House – Episode 11

Award of Excellence: Tyler Corbit, Nick Langer & Blake Baker, Ohio University
Gridiron Glory Season 20 Episode 5

Award of Excellence: Brian Danuff, Tyler Englander & Justin Pham, Emerson College
WEBN-TV Special Presentation: 2018 World Series Victory Parade

Award of Excellence: Jasmine Flores, Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff High School baseball memorial

Two-Year Small Colleges Competition

Best Of Festival Student 2Y/SMC: Stephen Davis, Huntington University Arizona
Motions (Narrative/Live: Narrative Category)

Student Two-Year Small Colleges Competition

Audio Category

1st Place: Paige Goodwin, Ohio Northern University
Community Clips – Opioid Crisis Episode 1: An Interview with Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everhart

2nd Place: Grant Pepper, Ohio Northern University
The Pep Talk 1-26-18

3rd Place: Laura Hoover, Goshen College
91.1 the Globe: A 60 Year Legacy

Award of Excellence: Lara Thrapp, York College of Pennsylvania
WVYC Studios Buzzed-Education

Narrative/Live: Narrative Category

1st Place: Philip Kalicharan, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Alter Falter

2nd Place: Emerald Leong, Huntington University Arizona
Mile 248

3rd Place: Josiah Hunt, Huntington University Arizona
Eden’s Moon

Award of Excellence: Richan Anderson, Sara Mark & Jon Mayer , Huntington University
The Reunion

Promotional/Educational/Non-Narrative Category

1st Place: Benjamin Crane & James Ehle, Huntington University

2nd Place: Joe Stone & Nicole Wethington, Huntington University Arizona
Wonderfully Made

3rd Place: Noah Syverson, Berry College
A Wheel, a Trail, and a Student: The Story of Berry’s Mountain Unicyclist

Award of Excellence: OCU Corporate Video class, Oklahoma City University
Active Shooter