2021 Winners

The 2021 Best of Festival winners were selected from a pool of over 1,300 entries, representing over 250 colleges and universities in the following competitions: audio, documentary, film & video, interactive multimedia, news, scriptwriting, sports and two-year colleges.

2021 Faculty Festival of Media Arts Winners

Faculty Audio Competition

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Phil Wilson, Huntington University Arizona; Show Trailer: Curiouser & Curiouser

Radio Documentary

Best of Competition: Dutch Hoggatt, Harding University; Artist Spotlight — Billie Holiday

Award of Excellence: Terry Likes, Mississippi State University; “The President and the Media: From Fireside Chats to Twitter, the Love-Hate Relationship Between the Media and the Commander-in-Chief.”

Radio Station Promo, PSA, Commercial

Best of Competition: Mike Laponis, University of La Verne; LeoFM Top of Hour Show Opener

Award of Excellence: Mike Laponis, University of La Verne; Flashback Fridays 80s at 8 Top of Hour ID

Short-Form Production

Best of Competition: Emily Corio, West Virginia University; Pandemic presents new challenges for West Virginia’s already burdened foster care system

Award of Excellence: Hannah Copeland, Colorado State University; No Mo Fomo: The Fear of Missing out is Gone

Long-Form Production

Best of Competition: Pat Sanders, Ph.D., University of North Alabama; This Prof Life: Women of Color in Higher Education Podcast. “Dr. Jennifer Woodard Talks Teaching and Administration”

Award of Excellence: Kornel Gerstner, Christopher Nelson, Christopher Underation & Kaleb Lindevaldsen, Liberty University; THE ENCOUNTER: EPISODE 45: FACE TO FACE

Award of Excellence: Chris Nelson, Kornel Gerstner, Kaleb Lindevaldsen & Jordan Jarrett, Liberty University; The Encounter: Season 3, Episode 47 – Red Dawn Rising

Award of Excellence: Evan C. Wirig & Brian Cantarini, Grossmont College; Beethoven 250th Anniversary Festival

Award of Excellence: David Robison, Steven Frye & Dutch Hoggatt, Harding University; “It’s A Wonderful Life” Radio Play

Sound Engineering and Design

Best of Competition: Phil Wilson, Huntington University Arizona; Show Trailer: Curiouser & Curiouser

Faculty Documentary Competition

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Joseph V. Brown, University of Denver; Operation Wolf Patrol


Best of Competition: Donald Hancock, University of Cincinnati; Recovery Through Art Therapy

Award of Excellence: Sangsun Choi, Malone University; The Brick House in the Wind

Short-Form Documentary

Best of Competition: Steve Weiss, Jesse Grace, Emily Luft, Hannah Tran & Clara Scholtz, Colorado State University; Tuning Out the Pandemic

Award of Excellence: Tom Neff, Shelley Hay, Barry Rubinow, Paul Chilsen & Richard Lewis, Middle Tennessee State University; Mr. Temple and the Tigerbelles

Documentary Feature

Best of Competition: Joseph V Brown, University of Denver; Operation Wolf Patrol

Award of Excellence: John C.P. Goheen, Loyola University Chicago; We Are Tuvalu

Faculty Film & Video Competition

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Jami Ramberan & Srikanth Nandigama, Howard University; Vote

Commercial or PSA

Best of Competition: Phil Wilson, Huntington University Arizona; Show Trailer: Curiouser & Curiouser

Award of Excellence: Ken Wyatt, Gina Mahalek & Grace Elizabeth Hale, East Carolina University; COOL TOWN: How Athens, Georgia, Launched Alternative Music and Changed American Culture

Award of Excellence: Ian Punnett, Avery Ossen, Rachel Browne & Andrea Browne, Kansas State University; Any Party Could Be A COVID Party


Best of Competition: Chris Flook, Ball State University; Decision 1865

Award of Excellence: Brent Simonds & Cheri Simonds, Illinois State University; Speech Evaluation Training


Best of Competition: Kurt Gerard Heinlein, Andrew Twibell, Bobby Lewis & Ed Swidey, Missouri State University; Between the Creag and the Sky

Award of Excellence: Chris Cutri, Connor Dean & Bentley Rawle, Brigham Young University; Angel

Award of Excellence: Stephen Filmer, Arizona State University; Migrants, Deaths & Isotopes

Award of Excellence: Brian Graves, Florida State University; Charlotte Mansfield, A Woman Photographer Goes to War

Narrative Video

Best of Competition: Myrton Running Wolf, Crystal English, JaShieka James & Echo Running Wolf, The University of Nevada, Reno; Black Warrior of Pyramid Lake

Award of Excellence: Christopher Strobel, Northern Kentucky University; Sphragida

Promotional Video

Best of Competition: Jami Ramberan & Srikanth Nandigama, Howard University; Vote

Award of Excellence: John J. Conway III, Lynn University; Pop-Up Funk Kickstarter Video

Award of Excellence: Jaclyn A. Smith, Emily Kimble & Christopher J. Winkler, Rowan University; The Nutcracker

Award of Excellence: Lance Clark, Ben Crane, Rachel Hart & Brian Farrell, Huntington University; Crossroads Farm Promotional Film

Award of Excellence: Bethany Swain, University of Maryland, College Park; Feed Anne Arundel: “This problem isn’t going away”

Faculty Interactive Multimedia and Emerging Technology Competition

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Richard Lewis & Rodrigo Gómez Claros, Middle Tennessee; What Took You So Long

Multimedia Storytelling

Best of Competition: Tina Korani & Alexandre Martinez, San Jose State University; California Weather and Climate Disasters: An Interactive Map


Best of Competition: Will Anderson, Central Michigan University; School Spirits


Best of Competition: Kathleen M. Ryan, University of Colorado Boulder; Homefront Heroines: The WAVES of World War II

Interactive Reality

Best of Competition: Richard Lewis & Rodrigo Gómez Claros, Middle Tennessee; What Took You So Long

Faculty International Competition

Audio – Short-Form Production

Best of Competition: Kim Fox, The American University in Cairo; Promo: One Day in January 2011

Faculty News Competition

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Michael Riecke, SUNY Oswego; As You Shelter in Place, Don’t Forget About Your Car

Television Feature News Reporting

Best of Competition: Stefanie Davis Kempton, Penn State Altoona; Good Day Cafe

Radio Hard News Reporting

Best of Competition: Michael Riecke, SUNY Oswego; New York’s Commitment to End AIDS Epidemic by 2020 Not Forgotten

Radio Feature News Reporting

Best of Competition: Michael Riecke, SUNY Oswego; As You Shelter in Place, Don’t Forget About Your Car

Faculty Scriptwriting Competition

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Jacob Johnston, Liberty University; Stealers

Short Subject/TV Half-Hour

Best of Competition: Jonathan D. Mabee & Cristina Pippa, Missouri State University; Unmanned

Award of Excellence: Kelly K. Davis, Appalachian State University; Kilo Five India Echo Clear

Feature/TV Hour

Best of Competition: John P. McHale, Illinois State University; EcoFront

Award of Excellence: Cory Byers, Southern Illinois University Edwardsviile; Miss Fortune

Award of Excellence: Daniel Christopher Walsh, Appalachian State University; Lunch Bunch

Episodic Short

Best of Competition: Jacob Johnston, Liberty University; Stealers

Faculty Sports Competition

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Chris Bacon, Middle Tennessee State University; The Sports Gig Podcast (Episode 6)

Short Form Sports Video

Best of Competition: Jay Gilmore, University of Memphis; Sara Ann Shines

Long Form Sports Video

Best of Competition: Olivia Stomski, Syracuse University; Cuse.Com LIVE Studio Pregame Show

Sports Radio

Best of Competition: Chris Bacon, Middle Tennessee State University; The Sports Gig Podcast (Episode 6)

Video Sports Event Direction and Production

Best of Competition: Troy O. Comeau, Pittsburg State University; Missouri Western State University vs. Pittsburg State University Football

2021 Student Festival of Media Arts Winners

Student Two-year Colleges Competition

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Isaac J. Anderson, Nash Community College; Bruises On Your Shoulders

Narrative Audio

1st place: Matthew Sanchez, Glendale Community College; Easier but Harder

2nd Place: Gabriela Ochoa, Glendale Community College; Missing Chorale

3rd Place: Anthony Pittore, Glendale Community College; Haunted by Horror


1st Place: Isaac J. Anderson, Nash Community College; Bruises On Your Shoulders

2nd Place: Brianna Reed, Los Angeles Pierce College; Sweet 15

Student Audio Competition

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Kadie Spoor, Goshen College; On Air With Kadie

On-Air Personality

1st Place: Kadie Spoor, Goshen College; On Air With Kadie

2nd Place: Laurel Deppen, Western Kentucky University; Laurel Deppen-Reel

3rd Place: Claire Todd, Kansas State University; Claire on the Air

Comedy or Drama

1st Place: Jacob Douglass, Callie McKeown & Travis Szelis, Huntington University; The Game Changer

2nd Place: Lain Taleno, Kentucky Wesleyan College; WKWC’s Presentation of Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Tolling Bell

3rd Place (tie): Kielynn Tally, University of Indianapolis; War of the Worlds

3rd Place (tie): Brett Baxley, Missouri State University; War of the Weezels

3rd Place (tie): Brody Bowman, Aubrey Fink, Ben Schomber & Ashley Harmon, Huntington University; The Princess Prize


1st Place: Molly Duerig, Arizona State University; Operation Agent Touch

2nd Place: Adam Clark & Ralph Quidone, Rowan University; Together: An Audio Documentary on Latino Immigrants in South Jersey

3rd Place: Moriah Sprinkel, Liberty University; Clouds

Award of Excellence: Reem Elmaghraby, The American University in Cairo; Educational Journey: From Qena to Cairo

Award of Excellence: Sydney Roach, Westminster College; Aromanticism: Who Needs Romance Anyways?

Award of Excellence: Kayla Starcher, West Virginia University; Keeping the Faith during the Pandemic


1st Place: Peter Costantino, Rowan University; Christmas In July

2nd Place: Tyler Kennett, Marshall University; WMUL-FM Sports Flavor Parlor

3rd Place: Dante Stanton, Goshen College; Spooktober Costume Contest Promo

Award of Excellence: Shay Gauthier, SUNY Brockport; Website Promo

Award of Excellence: Evan Surace, Henry Menigoz & Rachel Beining, Michigan State University; Mask Litter PSA

Award of Excellence: Jonathan O’Brien, Georgia College and State University; Election Night Coverage Promo

Award of Excellence: Josue Arellano, University of La Verne; Music Promo #14

Specialty Program & Podcasts

1st Place: Joe Stuart, Linfield Unviersity; Purple Reign: The Story of the 2020 Linfield Men’s Basketball Team

2nd Place: Austin Fast, Arizona State University; Covid’s Invisible Victims

3rd Place: Anthony J. Wallace, Arizona State University; Trust issues and a COVID-19 vaccine trial in the Navajo Nation

Award of Excellence: Ryan Bussell, Rowan University; The History of the Golden Age Gaming

Award of Excellence: Marvin Dunmeyer, York College of PA; Marvin Dunmeyer-Personal Narrative

Award of Excellence: Luke Rohrbaugh, York College of PA; Luke Rohrbaugh Personal Narrative

Award of Excellence: Claudia Andreessen, University Of North Texas; The Legend of The Wendigo

Award of Excellence: Haidy Badreldin, The American University in Cairo; #AUCdiaries: A Stormy Weekend Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Award of Excellence: Kadie Spoor, Zachariah Begly, William Troyer & Gabriella Klopfenstein, Goshen College; The Breakfast Blend

Award of Excellence: Kayla Starcher, Harley Benda, Gillian Wanosky & Maxwell Shavers, West Virginia University; COVID closed campus but the podcast continued

Award of Excellence: Seth Chambliss, Berry College; Seth’s Spins: Purposefully Forgettable

Multimedia Sound Design

1st Place: Marvin Dunmeyer, York College of PA; A Family in Quarantine-Marvin Dunmeyer

2nd Place: Tom Overmann & Spencer Pearson, Missouri State University; Internalize

Sound Engineering/Production

1st Place: Andy Mills & Vanessa Ribeiro, University of Nevada, Reno; Lion’s Cage

2nd Place (tie): J. Mason Brown, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Strange Times

2nd Place (tie): Carlos Hermosillo, Huntington University; Reflections

Student Documentary Competition

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Laiqa Hitt & Jared Bunn, Syracuse University; Panacea


1st Place: Sadie Brown, University of North Texas; Paul Juarez: Breaking the Cycle

2nd Place: Victor Prieto, University of Florida; Beyond the Finish Line

3rd Place: Keanno Lawrence A. Fausto, University of Guam; Haven

Award of Excellence: Assem Khaled, The American University in Cairo; Desert Rain

Award of Excellence: Itzia Crespo  & Karina Dominguez, Arizona State University; Holding on to the Corn

Award of Excellence: Emmanuel Terrell, Joseph Ford, Tim Hudson & Kin Yat Yeung, Taylor University; MTXE

Award of Excellence: Hannah Tran, Colorado State University; A Dream Deferred

Award of Excellence: Luke Simmons, Arizona State University; How a small Arizona town saved itself from the COVID-19 food crisis

Award of Excellence: Drew Dayton, Sam Villegas, Josh Vogel & Isaac Bouw, Taylor University; The Bladesmith

Award of Excellence: Ben Whitney, Northwest Missouri State University; Amazing Things: ScrapsKC

Award of Excellence: Zach Skillings, Elon University; A New Adult

Short-Form Documentary

1st Place: Laiqa Hitt & Jared Bunn, Syracuse University; Panacea

2nd Place: Paisley Blair, Claire McKissick & Taylor Corson, Rowan University; The Mayor

3rd Place: Jacob Pieczynski, Loyola University Chicago; Disappeared: Chicago’s Lost Lesbian Bars

Award of Excellence: Kaitlyn Estrellado, Bonnie Lynch & Maria Solano, University of Florida; The Making of The Golem of Prague

Award of Excellence: Sarah Sadek, The American University in Cairo; Cheerful child

Award of Excellence: Sawyer Pasma, Evan Wardell, Jake Kersey & Kim Ferrell, Taylor University; Wild Winds Spirit of the Bison

Award of Excellence: Erin Wolcott, Conner Sweeney, George Catechis & Jill Pugliese, SUNY New Paltz; Ben (Not the Fish)

Award of Excellence: Eric Posey, Marissa Armandi & Gary Panter, Rowan University; City of Sisterly Love

Award of Excellence: Jodi Moser, Victoria Todorova, Frank Villarreal & Samuel Kramer, Rowan University; Bigorexia

Award of Excellence: Madison Davis, Jadon Lane & Micah Wilson, Midwestern State University; Disgrace to Embrace

Documentary Feature

1st Place: Zach Roy & Seena Greiwe, Ball State University; Transatlantic Storytelling 2020

2nd Place: Parker Thune & Ben Possehl, University of Oklahoma; Dust to Dust

Award of Excellence: Mackenzie Huffman, Michael Mayrand & Ben Daniels, Missouri State University; Songs from the Street

Student Film & Video Competition

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Grace Axhelm, Faith Morgan & Zheng Qu, University of Oklahoma; Driving Advertising

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Alec Knopf, Alexander Ke & Michael Fleener, Missouri State University; ZETA


1st Place: Tim Hudson, Taylor University; Gaspard de la Nuit

2nd Place (tie): Sarah Wickenhauser, Allysa Alley, Kesmine Hickman & Sabrina Hirsch, Huntington University Arizona; The Cactus Cat

2nd Place (tie): Laurel Zeiler, Itzel Alvarez & Zack Turner, Huntington University Arizona; Mending Needle

3rd Place: Anderson Turner, Appalachian State University; The Air Has Gone Bad

Award of Excellence: Ashley Seering, Loyola Marymount University; Last Bite

Award of Excellence: Jake Campbell, Rowan University; A Predictable 2020 Cartoon

Award of Excellence: Riel Dioquino, Rowan University; Lost and Found

Award of Excellence: 2019-20 HU Junior Animation Class, Huntington University; History of the World


1st Place (tie): Grace Axhelm, Faith Morgan & Zheng Qu, University of Oklahoma; Driving Advertising

1st Place (tie): Linus Obenhaus, Huntington University; More than an Election

2nd Place: Vernard Norris & Lacie Stevens, Ferris State University; Big Rapids Life: Fire Department

3rd Place: Zachary Goldbert, Rowan University; Unfiltered TV

Award of Excellence: Gaylord Hall Productions, University of Oklahoma; How to Stop the Spread

Music Video

1st Place: Marissa Marcotte, University of Oklahoma; Tripsitters – Crush

2nd Place: Cassidy Beal, Caroline Mansfield & Nikki Inocencio, Elon University; Charleston

3rd Place: Jesse Newman, Caroline Mansfield & Matt Koy, Elon University; Who Are You


1st Place: Alec Knopf, Alexander Ke & Michael Fleener, Missouri State University; ZETA

2nd Place (tie): Lauren Hicks, Loyola University New Orleans; Boys Will Be Boys

2nd Place (tie): Jenna Sackett, Becca Malott, Katie Sell & Paris Dirscherl, Huntington University; Trust

3rd Place: Parker Berry & Katie Alexander, Lee University; Ambling Alp

Award of Excellence: Yun Oo, Syracuse University; Love, Ivy

Award of Excellence: Stephanie Iovescu & Bailey Jones, Lee University; Ave Maria

Award of Excellence: Chloe Caufield & Sam Dorcey, Huntington University; Murphy

Award of Excellence: Timothy Smith & BJ Faircloth, Lee University; Hard Boiled

Award of Excellence: Tyler Litwin, Elon Univesity; Unpaid

Award of Excellence: Honesty Tazhe Gant, Missouri State University; For Women Like You

Award of Excellence: Benjamin Mehr & Garrett Adams, Towson University; Forever Red

Award of Excellence: Jeremy Palladino & Oliver Smith, Elon University; To the Peak

Award of Excellence: Samantha Hudzik, Malone University; Before I Break

Award of Excellence: BethAnn Bleemel, Marissa Cobb, Jon Dieken & Genesis Reed, Huntington University; Sock Thief

Award of Excellence: Chase Downey, Jamir Hudson & Ryan Rush, James Madison University; Michelle

Award of Excellence: Jared Mayerson, Riley Bradford & Lumiere Rostick, Elon University; Grocery Run


1st Place: Lauren Fourcade, University of Oklahoma; Too Young To Wed

2nd Place: Advanced Single Camera, University of Oklahoma; “Break the Germ Cycle” Illinois Covid PSA

3rd Place: Chloe Jacobson, Sean Eitniear & Kayla Knop, Huntington University; Conner Prairie Historical Food Festival

Award of Excellence: Josiah Bout, Brady Doorn, Caleb Drake & Jonathan Nelson, Huntington University; Conner Prairie Nature Festival Animated Spot

Award of Excellence: Goodspeed Ko & Meredith Paige Taylor, Loyola University Chicago; Tattoo Avenue Spot

Award of Excellence: Tévon Knight, University of Georgia; Briana Hayes University of Georgia Student Body Presidential Campaign Video


1st Place: Will Baldwin, University of North Texas; Rescue Hope Tororo, Uganda

2nd Place: Gaylord Hall Productions, University of Oklahoma; The College of Storytellers

3rd Place: Tyler Boyle & Cecilia Gillen, University of South Dakota; The Volante Promo

Award of Excellence: Natalie Baker, Brandon Smith, Aidan Strite & Josiah Croasdell, Taylor University; Invitation Program Promo

Award of Excellence: Connor Thomas, Elon University; Baldwin Sappenfield Dancer Promo


1st Place: Jackson Steinmetz, Court Templeton, Daniel Robles & Hugh Birky, Goshen College; Festival of Carols

2nd Place: Jared Bunder, Christian Galvano, Jack Norcross & Courtney Weiner, Elon University; Elon News Network Election Night 2020

3rd Place (tie): Brittany Garshnick & Madison Lancaster, University of North Carolina Wilmington; Digital Drip: Annalee Beck

3rd Place (tie): Seth Biley, Makayla Goos, Sarah Baskin & Matt Moreno, University of North Texas; Your Decision 2020

Student Interactive Multimedia and Emerging Technologies Competition

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Delia M. Palmisano, Ohio University; Prescription Nature/Green Time Over Screen Time

Multimedia Storytelling

1st Place: Delia M. Palmisano, Ohio University; Prescription Nature/Green Time Over Screen Time

2nd Place: Jacob Pieczynski, Loyola University Chicago; The Chicago 51

3rd Place: Shianne Harrison, Jacob Claassen, Jehan Wagenaar & Salvador Escamilla, Goshen College; Cymbeline; Interrupted


1st Place: Abigail Sterling, Elizabeth Salter, Ali Harford & Kate Mazade, Syracuse University; The 61% Project

2nd Place: Mela Williams, Elon University; The CityGate Dream Center Project

3rd Place: Kyla L. Wright, Max Kalnitz, Sarah Midani & Stephanie Macrinos, Syracuse University; Socially Driven

Interactive Reality

1st Place: Sonny Cirasuolo, Amanda Paule & Zachary J. Krahmer, Syracuse University; Tour Cornell’s Research Facility Where New York’s Hemp Industry Takes Root


1st Place: Ben Cauz, Syracuse University; Syrvivor Syracuse Mobile App

Emerging Media & Technology

1st Place: Fernando Jose Cuevas, Lynn University; Visual Effects and Animation

Student International Competition

Audio Long-Form

1st Place: Nesrien Abdelkader, The American University in Cairo; Choose to Refuse: Escaping the Cycle of Addiction

Documentary Short-Form

1st Place: Mariam Elbanna, Mathilde Teddy Christensen & Radoslav Penkov, Danish School of Media and Journalism & The American University in Cairo; “Welcome to Pork Country” | A Documentary About Danish Pig Farmers

Television News

1st Place: Nouran Abdel Ghafar, The American University in Cairo; The tale behind Egyptian Brick

Student News Competition

BEST OF FESTIVAL: 60 Minutes Masterclass, Elon University; 30 Minutes – Season 10 – Elon University

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Caitlynn McDaniel, Arizona State University; Wildlife Trade

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Olivya Bryant, Huntington University Arizona; Baked Chemistry

Radio Feature

1st Place (tie): Caitlynn McDaniel, Arizona State University; Wildlife Trade

1st Place (tie): Jill Ryan, Arizona State University; One on One Learning in Flagstaff

2nd Place: Caleb Suggs, University of Memphis; Concept of College Life

3rd Place: Mari Young, University of Southern California; Love in the time of COVID

Award of Excellence: James Corrigan, Syracuse University; WAER Election Blueprint: Race Relations

Radio Hard News

1st Place (tie): Jill Ryan, Arizona State University; School Plans for COVID-19

1st Place (tie): Jaeha Joshua Chang & Emily Sures, University of Southern California; California Governor Newsom signs order banning sale of new gasoline cars by 2035

3rd Place: Jonathan O’Brien, Georgia College and State University; COVID spike in rural Georgia nursing home

Award of Excellence: Emma VandenEinde, Arizona State University; Vaping Dangers

Radio Newscast

1st Place: Isaiah Murtaugh, ZaZu Lippert, Evan Jacoby & Aiyonna White, University of Southern California; Portraits of a Pandemic

2nd Place (tie): Nathan Pauls, Goshen College; Globe News Report

2nd Place (tie): Katie Francis, Rowan University; The Rowan Report

Television Short Feature Reporting

1st Place (tie): Regan Holgate, Michigan State University; “This was kind of our wish”

1st Place (tie): Amelia Jarecke, University of Maryland, College Park; The Flyover State

2nd Place: Joseph Carson, Brigham Young University; The Chosen

3rd Place (tie): McKenzie Allen-Charmley, Arizona State University; Navajo Firewood

3rd Place (tie): Kevin McNamara, University of Southern California; Social Distancing through TikTok

Award of Excellence: Sam Britten, Michigan State University; Everyone’s going to try to do the voice

Award of Excellence: Cassandra Garcia, University of Miami; Miami’s Joggler

Award of Excellence: Caleb Suggs, University of Memphis; Malvin Massey Retires

Award of Excellence: Savannah Welch, University of Southern California; Stop the Spread: An Artist-led campaign

Television Long Feature Reporting

1st Place: Olivya Bryant, Huntington University Arizona; Baked Chemistry

2nd Place (tie): Jennifer Alvarez, Arizona State University; Wild Horses

2nd Place (tie): Dylan McKim, Arizona State University; Mexican Wolves Diversity

3rd Place: Tre’Vaughn Howard & Gianna Sanchez, University of Miami; Dr. Armen Henderson, Defender of the Homeless

Award of Excellence: Ricky Sayer, Syracuse University; Joe Biden’s Time at Syracuse Law School

Award of Excellence: Jack Hirsh, Penn State University; Israel Overcoming Numerous Obstacles In Fight Against COVID-19

Television Hard News Reporting

1st Place (tie): Ward Jolles, University of South Carolina; Five Points Takes Hit

1st Place (tie): Joseph Carson, Brigham Young University; Corona Water Treatment Plan

2nd Place (tie): James Corrigan, Syracuse University; Oneida Creek Pollution

2nd Place (tie): Dylan McKim, Arizona State University; Firefighter Cancer

3rd Place: Sariah Farmer, Brigham Young University; Super Tuesday

Award of Excellence: Jennifer Alvarez, Arizona State University; Maternal Mortality

Television News Anchor

1st Place: Tyler Manion, Arizona State University; Tyler Manion Anchor Reel

2nd Place: Maeve Ashbrook, Elon University; Maeve Ashbrook – Television Anchor 2021

3rd Place: Joseph Carson, Brigham Young University; 2020 News Anchor Reel – Joseph Carson

Award of Excellence: Mikayla Temple, Michigan State University; 2020 Focal Point Anchor Reel – Mikayla Temple

Award of Excellence: Sabrina Maggiore, Syracuse University; Sabrina Maggiore Anchor Reel

Award of Excellence: Blake O’Rullian, Brigham Young University; 2020 Sportsline Anchor Reel – Blake O’Rullian

Television Weathercaster

1st Place: Danielle Hallows, Brigham Young University; 2020 Weather Reel – Danielle Hallows

2nd Place: Jackson Dill, Dave Downey & Liam Fabre, University of Miami; CanesCast: 10/22/2020

3rd Place: Mathieu Mondro, Central Michigan University; Mathieu Mondro – 6 Nov 2020 Weathercast

TV Newscast (3 per week or less)

1st Place: Jack Norcross, Jared Bunder & Elon Local News Staff, Elon University; ELN Morning – September 10, 2020

2nd Place: Al Dia Staff, California State University Fullerton; Al Dia

3rd Place (tie): Jenna Weiss, Spencer Askinazy, Ben Ezzy & Tyler Walsh, University of Miami; NewsVision: 10/29/2020

3rd Place (tie): Student Staff for WUFT NEWS, University of Florida; WUFT NEWS First at Five

TV Newscast (4 or 5 per week)

1st Place: Alexa Fuenmayor & Chayanne Moreno, Arizona State University; Cronkite News Nov. 9, 2020

2nd Place: Amanda Siew & Kyle Tangco, University of Central Oklahoma; UCentral News 11-16-20

3rd Place: Brooke Murski & Marissa Marcotte, University of Oklahoma; OU Nightly – 11/12/2020

TV News Magazine

1st Place: 60 Minutes Masterclass, Elon University; 30 Minutes – Season 10 – Elon University

2nd Place: Al Dia Staff, California State University Fullerton; Al Dia: Coronavirus Pandemia Mundial (Coronavirus Special)

3rd Place (tie): Joseph Carson, Emma Benson, Karani Namunyu & Halston Robinson, Brigham Young University; Adjusting to COVID-19 Documentary

3rd Place (tie): Michelle Ng-Reyes, Gianna Sanchez, Ben Ezzy & Julia Hecht, University of Miami; UMTV Election Special 2020

Award of Excellence: Christyn Allen, Cheyana Avilla, Morgan Gonzalez & Dontae Rucker, Middle Tennessee State University; Middle Tennessee News Special: 100th Anniversary of Broadcasting

Award of Excellence: Normandie Berl & Kait Pence, University of Toledo; UT:10 News Election Day

Award of Excellence: Erika Liberati, Mark Scaglione, Jack Culkin, Teddy Byrne & Steven Blenner, Ithaca College; ICTV – Election Center 2020

Award of Excellence: Student Team for WUFT NEWS, University of Florida; The Forgotten City

Student Scriptwriting Competition

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Taylor Potter & Ana González, University of Georgia; Buyer’s Remorse

Short Subject

1st Place: J. Mason Brown, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; An Eternal Bliss

2nd Place: Catherine Barr, Georgia College & State University; Will You Be My Friend?

3rd Place: Willow Onken, Missouri State University; PAN

Award of Excellence: Joshua Malisos, Missouri State University; Nika the Necromancer

Award of Excellence: Hannah Taylor, Huntington University; Dear Love


1st Place: Madelyn Conover, Southern New Hampshire University; Find Me Again

2nd Place: Levi Miller, Missouri State University; Labyrinth of the Dead

3rd Place: Joshua Malisos, Missouri State University; Sinema

Award of Excellence: Linus Obenhaus, Huntington University; Theo’s World

Original Television Series Pilot

1st Place: Taylor Potter & Ana González, University of Georgia; Buyer’s Remorse

2nd Place: Jack McDonald, University of Oklahoma; Visitors

3rd Place: Jared Weber, Huntington University; Jack of All Trades

Award of Excellence: Julia Cunningham, Missouri State University; Bombing

Award of Excellence: Hyde Healy, University of Georgia; Command Sandwich

Award of Excellence: Alayna Shore, University of Oklahoma; What Happened Last Night?

Award of Excellence: Katya J. Saldana, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Super-Para-ExtraNormal

Television Spec

1st Place: Jackie Crawford, Missouri State University; GLOW “New Beginnings”

2nd Place: Katerina Bakas, Joshua Beauduy, Deanna Weldon & Valerie Plinovich, Purdue University Northwest; You – “Sins of the Father”

3rd Place: Danielle Newport, Palm Beach Atlantic University; Social Hour


1st Place: David Hyland, Palm Beach Atlantic University; Lapipi Lala – fifi

2nd Place: Nathan Wolf, Iain Langlands & Mikhael Ramirez, San Fransisco State University; 1-800-NOGHOST

3rd Place: Kailen Olison, Kentucky State University; Something New

Student Sports Competition

BEST OF FESTIVAL: Daria Buschur & Aaliyah Prim, Ball State University; 2020 Ball State Football

Radio Sports Story/Feature/News

1st Place: Joe Stuart, Linfield University; Purple Reign: The Story of the 2020 Linfield Men’s Basketball Team – Ep 2: “A Deep Sense of Satisfaction”

2nd Place: Jeremy Buch, Arizona State University; 16th Hole

3rd Place: Brent Bartels, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Jon Miller, Baseball Storyteller

Award of Excellence: Mark Feldman, Arizona State University; ASU Golf in the Pandemic

Radio/TV Sports Event: Play by play Talent

1st Place: Nick Verzolini, Andrew Rogers & Blake Jude, Marshall University; Marshall Basketball vs Duquesne

2nd Place: Ben Blakely & Tucker Cergol, SUNY Brockport; Men’s SUNYAC Final

3rd Place: Andrew Rogers, Nick Verzolini & Justin Zimmer, Marshall University; Marshall Basketball vs Southern Miss

Award of Excellence: Omar Alvarez, Fort Hays State University; Omar Alvarez play-by-play entry

Award of Excellence: Cole Carter, University of Southern Indiana; Memorial vs. Northview Football

TV Sports Story/Feature (Short)

1st Place: Jack Hirsh, Penn State University; Stephen Beattie: Penn State Basketball’s ‘Glue Guy’

2nd Place: Rachel Phillips, Arizona State University; Football Voting

3rd Place: Shaun Salehi, Arizona State University; Hockey Pucks For More

Award of Excellence: Reed Harmon, Arizona State University; Karstin Hollen

Award of Excellence: Ricky Sayer, Syracuse University; The Quietest of Gamedays

Award of Excellence: Abigail Shipley, Arizona State University; Diversity on the Mat

Award of Excellence: Brandon Rothenberg, Michigan State University; What it’s like to have your dream job on pause

Award of Excellence: Kyle Thomas, University of South Carolina; Coach Muschamp Fired

TV Sports Story/Feature (Long)

1st Place: Cole Strong, Syracuse University; Chasing the Dragon

2nd Place: Jack Kizer & Quinton Zielke, Ball State University; More Than A Dream: The Antonio Phillips Story

3rd Place: Michael Gutnick, Arizona State University; Skating Through Adversity

Award of Excellence: Ike Everard, Arizona State University; Cody Carter: One of the Last Great Twirlers

Award of Excellence: Victor Prieto, University of Florida; Saints Weather the Storms

Award of Excellence: Rachel Phillips, Arizona State University; Tackling For Safety

Award of Excellence: Shannon Ehrhardt, University of Oklahoma; Sooner Coaches

TV Sports Talent (Anchor/Host)

1st Place: Joe Freihofer, Michigan State University; Joe Freihofer TV Sports Talent

2nd Place: Tellier Lundquist, Elon University; Tellier Lundquist Broadcast Reel

3rd Place: Parker Thune, University of Oklahoma; Parker Thune

TV Sports Event Production

1st Place: Ryan Tyler, Jonas Saich & Jo Litzenberger, Middle Tennessee State University; MTSU vs Southern Miss Basketball

2nd Place: Chris Person, Paige Jaeger & Joey Erickson, St. Cloud State University; Men’s Hockey St. Cloud State University vs. University of North Dakota

3rd Place: Seena Greiwe, Faith Denig, Jack Kizer & Jarin Matheny, Ball State University; Ball State Gymnastics vs. Kent State

TV Sports News Program

1st Place: Dylan Rivera & Chloe Sparks, University of Oklahoma; GamedayU vs Texas Tech

2nd Place: Gianna Sanchez, Danyel De Villiers, Michelle Ng-Reyes & Brendan Reilly, University of Miami; SportsDesk

3rd Place: Shannon Ehrhardt, University of Oklahoma; Sooner Sports Pad

Award of Excellence: Erin Neri & Paddy Cotter, Penn State University; In The Game: Spring 2020 Episode 1

Award of Excellence: Nate Smith, Baylor University; Lariat TV News – Nov. 19, 2020

Promotional Video/Tease/PSA

1st Place: Daria Buschur & Aaliyah Prim, Ball State University; 2020 Ball State Football

2nd Place: Elliot Knight, St. Cloud State University; We Will Be Back

3rd Place: Shane Steinkraus, Oklahoma State University; OKC Thunder Hype video