2016 Winners

Audio Competition

Faculty Audio “Best of” Festival Award: Geri Alumit Zeldes, April Van Buren, WKAR Radio, and School of Journalism, Michigan State University
The Living History Project (Long-Form Production Category)

Student Audio “Best of” Festival Award: Jennifer Johnson, Southern Illinois University – Carbondale
Camp Giant City – Panthers (Comedy or Drama Category)

Faculty Audio Competition

Long-Form Production

Best of Competition: John Mark Dempsey, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Blacklands Cafe

Award of Excellence: Jim Gray Jo McMullen, St. Cloud State University
Granite City Radio Theater

Radio Documentary

Award of Excellence: Terry Likes, Tennessee State University
“TV Catch Phrases, popular culture to mainstream America.”

Student Audio Competition

Air Personality

1st Place: Lindsey Holmes, University of Southern Indiana
Lindsey Holmes

2nd Place: Des Delgadillo, University of La Verne
Des Delgadillo

3rd Place: Victor Garcia, Goshen College
Victor’s Afternoon Drive

Honorable Mention: Nudia Hernandez, University of La Verne

Comedy or Drama

1st Place: Anne Reburn, University of Oklahoma
Fashion Police

2nd Place: Dianna Hawryluk, SUNY – Fredonia
Dianna’s Soundscape Hour- Halloween Soundscape

3rd Place: Matt Haave, University of Nebraska at Omaha
See You Around, Frank

Honorable Mention: Kimberly Bright, SUNY – Fredonia
Cinderella Fabled Fables

Honorable Mention: Doug Siebum, San Francisco State University
Blind Walk Through Time

Educational Program

1st Place: Kanzy Mahmoud, The American University in Cairo
AUCians Abroad

2nd Place: Karima Hassan Ragab, The American University in Cairo
Communication in Egypt: A Journey of Letters and Beyond

3rd Place: Michael B. Mullins, University of North Texas
Project Freeplay

Honorable Mention: Chet Green, Nick DeFeo, Rowan University
WGLS-FM: 50 Years And Counting

Honorable Mention: Sarah El Safty, The American University in Cairo
Life, Bread and Gold: The Story of an Egyptian Street Food Vendor

Multimedia Sound Design

1st Place: Doug Siebum, Matt Strasser, Brian Frost & Alyssa Nevarez, San Francisco State University
Harry Potter

PSA, Promo or Commercial

1st Place: Tim Ning, Northwest Missouri State University

2nd Place: Robby Nash, University of Texas at Arlington
No More Moments

3rd Place: Doug Siebum, San Francisco State University
CyberPunk Fantasy World

Honorable Mention: Alejandro Valenzuela, University of La Verne
Halloween Horror Nights Promo

Honorable Mention: Lily Shevitz, Palomar College
Meals on Wheels

Honorable Mention: Clay Roth, University of Southern Indiana
Wake Up

Honorable Mention: Scott Sidway, University of North Texas
KNTU News Promo

Honorable Mention: Robert Duenes & David Duenes, West Texas A&M University
KWTS – Handsome Man Morning Show Promo – Lynch

Honorable Mention: Des Delgadillo, University of La Verne
Club ACB Promo

Honorable Mention: Nudia Hernandez, University of La Verne
Dames of Radio: Yesi Ortiz Promo

Sound Engineering & Prod.

1st Place: William Foley, Nap and the Secret Wands, University of Southern Mississippi
Disco Hippie Queen

2nd Place: Sarah A. Smith & Derrick Lowhorn, University of Indianapolis
Sarah A. Smith and Derrick Lowhorn

3rd Place: Kayla Morgan, Alex Cathey & Tim Ning, Northwest Missouri State University
Northwest Sessions

Specialty Program

1st Place: Nadine Adawalla, Heba Fouad & Refan AbdelNabi, The American University in Cairo
New Age Tech

2nd Place: Laurelle Turner, Colorado State University
The History Of…

3rd Place: Ethan Hatcher, University of Indianapolis
Ethan Hatcher “Under the Hat” Program

Honorable Mention: Alexcis Tapia, University of Scranton
Peace In Our World

Honorable Mention: Sarah El Safty, Amira Sherif, Kanzy Mahmoud, The American University in Cairo
Egypt’s Gaming Scene

Honorable Mention: Brian Cudina, Mark Weiner, Hofstra University
The Locker Room November 15, 2015

Honorable Mention: Nudia Hernandez, University of La Verne
Dames of Radio: Evelyn Erives

Honorable Mention: Dan Downs, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Haunted Heartland: Haunting at Fort Street

Documentary Competition

Faculty Documentary “Best of” Festival Award: John C.P. Goheen, Loyola University Chicago
The Fence of the Bear (Short Form Video or Film Documentary Category)

Student Documentary “Best of” Festival Award: Megan Rakoczy, Elizabeth Ruiz & Weston Dockter, Colorado State University
Bean to Bar: Chocolate Unwrapped (Short Form Video or Film Documentary Category)

Faculty Documentary Competition

Long Form Video or Film Documentary

Best of Competition: Larry Foley & Dale Carpenter, University of Arkansas
The First Boys of Spring

Award of Excellence: Steven Weiss, Colorado State University
Hollywood’s Last Real Cowboy

Short Form Video or Film Documentary

Best of Competition: Elizabeth Wuerffel, Saddam Al-Zubaidi & Sarhang Sherwany, Valparaiso University
Kawergosk: Home Made of Cloth

Award of Excellence: Valerie K. Cummings, University of La Verne
Women at Risk, Black Women and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Award of Excellence: Nick Geidner, Clinton Elmore, Hannah Marley & Maxwell Baker, The University of Tennessee
Teach a Man to Fish

Award of Excellence: Jack Lucido & Clery Center for Security on Campus, Western State Colorado University
We Don’t Haze

Student Documentary Competition

Long Form Video or Film Documentary

1st Place: Blake Sutton, Logan Jung & Anna Murta, University of Arkansas
Maker: The Art of Terry Borman

2nd Place: Dakota Johnston, Gabriela Saldivia, Lindsay Benson & Caitlin Parks, Michigan State University
Unchecking the Box

3rd Place: Garrett Guinn, Sutton Raphael, Dana Bredeweg & Amanda Butt, University of Oregon
NW Stories

4th Place: Mark VanZevenBergen, Bianca Beck, Matthew Torres & Joseph Savin, Rowan University
After Tragedy

Honorable Mention: Derek Loucks, Kristen Keefer, Beverly Nwokoye & Jason Clarke, University of Central Florida
Filthy Dreamers

Honorable Mention: Emily L. Mahoney, Stephan Blake Harvey & Kristy Westgard, Arizona State University
Fresh Out

Honorable Mention: Bryan Campbell & Caroline Cuny, Wake Forest University
Looking for Trouble

Honorable Mention: David Goodman, Univ. of North Texas
Texas Paranormalists

Short Form Video or Film Documentary

1st Place: Brian Georgeson, Michael Cianciolo & Peter Basch, Marquette University
Doomsday Warrior: The Story of George Andrie

2nd Place: Brad Hinkle, Hal Rhorer & Connor Whitaker, Elon University
Flightless: The Art of Mark Strucko

3rd Place: Jennifer Swope & Elliot Swope, Missouri Western State University
Knowing Goode Food

4th Place: Alyssa DeRosa, Meagan Sullivan, Alec Cafaro & Catherine Kaczor, SUNY New Paltz
Serendipity: The Genius Behind Electric Lady

Honorable Mention: Tirrea Billings, Western Michigan University
Painting Dreams: The Story of Johnson Simon

Honorable Mention: Carolina Marquez, Mauricio Casillas & Cammeron Neely, Arizona State University
OTMs: Layover in Nogales

Honorable Mention: Alexandra Huff, Benjamin Ward & William Baker, Colorado State University

Honorable Mention: Kevin O’Connor, Shyah Miller, Dante Corrocher & Lauren Hoffmann, SUNY New Paltz

Honorable Mention: Zac Tillman & Tanner DiGirolamo, California State University, Northridge

Honorable Mention: Brad Hinkle, Elon University
Love & Respect In Bentwood Park

Honorable Mention: Joshua Leedham, Sara Daily, Reid Miller & Joseph Dempsey, Middle Tennessee State university
Break the Jump

Honorable Mention: Bailey Netsch, Kiegan Stewart & Kyley Jameison, Arizona State University

Honorable Mention: Ron Lechler, Univ. of North Texas
The Bottom Rung

Honorable Mention: Kimberly Blum, Anthony Reyes, Kaitlyn Pearce & David Talbott, San Francisco State University
Player 2

Honorable Mention: Alexander Sharon, Loyola University Chicago
Unsung Hero

Honorable Mention: Erica Ramsey Pulley, Wayne Bonilla & Xavier Galindo, San Francisco State University
Mother Brown’s Kitchen

Film & Video Competition

Faculty Film & Video “Best of” Festival Award: Lance Clark, Huntington University
The Gift of Hope (Narrative Video Category)

Student Nonfiction Film & Video “Best of” Festival Award: Anthony Williams, Kansas State University
Maize Mosaic Virus (Instructional/Educational Category)

Student Fiction Film & Video “Best of” Festival Award: Xavier Burgin, Jenna Cavelle & Jacob Eben, USC School of Cinematic Arts
Olde E (Narrative Category)

Faculty Film & Video Competition

Commercial or PSA

Best of Competition: Marie Elliott, Valdosta State University
No Hot Dog

Mixed Video

Best of Competition: CU News Corps, University of Colorado
Taking The Lede: Colorado Edition

Award of Excellence: Jim Goodman, Ashley Angle, Kelly Schwab, Michael Shield, High Point University
The One Per Cent

Narrative Video

Award of Excellence: Carey Martin, Jacob Johnston & Kristen Chambers, Liberty University

Award of Excellence: Eugene Martin, University of North Texas

Promotional Video

Best of Competition: Andrew Tanielian, University of North Texas
Impact LLS

Award of Excellence: Jon M. Smith, Southern Utah University
Back Up the Mountain

Award of Excellence: Kyle Hufford, Jake Smucker & Abby Deaton, Goshen College
Wooden Music

Student Film & Video Competition


1st Place: Tori March, Evie Clapp, Leslie Rios, Garrett Welch & Kayla Mitchell, Huntington University
Huntington University Squares

2nd Place: Stephen Lauser, George Fox University

3rd Place (tie): Ean Verdugo, Univ. of North Texas
Static Frame

3rd Place (tie): Brianne DeBose, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Black Lives Matter video/poem

Honorable Mention: Sarah Prinz, Loyola University of Chicago

Honorable Mention: Sara Silkwood, Alex Scott, Logan Fritts & Josh Pfaff, Missouri State University

Honorable Mention: Dillon Kilkenny, San Francisco State University


1st Place: Janelle Barrick, University of Oklahoma
The Zombie Evolution

2nd Place: Daniel Henkel, Jared Endsley, Ryan Stackable & Matt Pocta, University of Arkansas
UAPD Active Shooter Video – Avoid, Deny, Defend.

3rd Place: ViewFinder Spring ’15, University of Maryland
ViewFinder: Spring 2015 Favorites

Music Video

1st Place: Katherine Joy Williams, East Tennessee State University
South of Roan – Before I Die

2nd Place: Jake Odgers, University of Oklahoma
Burn It Down

3rd Place: Mia Ginaé, Elon University
The Kick 2


1st Place: Beecher Reuning, Regent University
A Pointless Pencil

2nd Place: Crew of ‘Wild and the Poster Child’, Azusa Pacific University
Wild and the Poster Child

3rd Place (tie): Justin Garcia & Raquel M. Sangalang, Regent University

3rd Place (tie): Patrick McConnell, William Robbins & Eric New, Ohio University
The Retiree

Honorable Mention: Michael Mike Canon, California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

Honorable Mention: Kevin Reyes, Sean Miller & Girish Rai, California State University Northridge

Honorable Mention: Alejandra Buitrago, Evan Robinson & Griffin Harrington, James Madison University

Honorable Mention: Max Jacques, Marist College
Monkey Blues

Honorable Mention: Nick Shaw & Victor Krause, George Fox University

Honorable Mention: Andrew Brame, Phillip Elgie, Ally Beiswange & Sam Morse, Syracuse University
Best Laid Plans

Honorable Mention: Trevor P. May, Connor Cuevas, Jillian Bass & Becca Bennett, University of Georgia – Athens
Happy Birthday Kevin

Honorable Mention: Alex Cook, Jonathan Eshleman, Erin Fuhr, Mike Metzler, Conor Olstad & Austin Hable, Taylor University
The Unknown Country

Honorable Mention: Tiffany Murray, Lauren Leonard, Vida Robbins & Justin Carroll, Middle Tennessee State University
No Cleaner Threads

Honorable Mention: Cheri Miller, Velez, Nebiyu Dingetu & Kristen Marquez, California State University Northridge
Detective Show

Honorable Mention: Nick Jandora, Reed College of Media/West Virginia University
A Second Chance: The Story of Tyler Welder

Honorable Mention: Steven Abriani, Jonas Kuprys & Jonathon “Gino” DelMonte, Loyola University Chicago
The Wind in the Trees

Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Derstine, Benson Hostetter, Jared Zook & David Leaman-Miller, Goshen College

Honorable Mention: TCF 442 Spring 2015, University of Alabama

Honorable Mention: Tanner Morrison, Ryan Bowman, Allie Lapp & Yasha Sojwal, Azusa Pacific University

Promotional (more than 60)

1st Place: Gaylord Hall Productions Team, University of Oklahoma
One College: Infinite Possibilities

2nd Place: Pamela Villagonzalo & Jonathan Wong, California State University, Northridge
CSUN Formula SAE Race Car

3rd Place: Josh Pfaff, Andrew Westmaas, Samantha Rohde & Kong Thao, Missouri State University
Counting to 1000 — Indiegogo Fundraising Video

Honorable Mention: Mason Flick, Central Michigan University
Sandhill Crane Vineyards promo

Honorable Mention: Camryn Sulak, University of Oklahoma
Kathy Taylor: Servant Leader

Honorable Mention: Griffin Bruce, Sara Boileau & Joey Palluconi, SUNY Oswego
Technology and Manufacturing at SUNY Oswego Promo

Honorable Mention: Marteen Cleary & Dillon Fischer, Northern Arizona University
Rick’s Custom Cycles and Graphics

Honorable Mention: Alanna Delfino, University of Maryland
Discover the Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Honorable Mention: Michael McCallum, University of Oklahoma
Exercise & Physiology Profile


1st Place: Greg Cox, Katie Armstrong & Jill Clark, Ball State University
Ball State University – 21st Century Research

2nd Place (tie): Jennifer Swope, Katelyn Canon & Lionel Attawia, Missouri Western State University
MWSU: It’s On Us

2nd Place (tie): Sarah Swingley, Logan Dooley, Anthony Campagna & Greg Cox, Ball State University
Ball State University – Student Centered

3rd Place: Eli Portell, Colorado State University
The Summit commercial

Honorable Mention: Brittany Sabie, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Honorable Mention: Taylor Houston, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Honorable Mention: Jake Smucker & Abby Deaton, Goshen College
David’s Story – Goshen College Career Stories Campaign

Honorable Mention: Eli Portell, Colorado State University
2015 CSU Research Video

Studio (multi-camera or live-to-tape)

1st Place: Caitlin Reed, Palomar College
Palomar Live 12/3/15

2nd Place: John Murray, Tatum Hamernik, Ian Foss & Carrie Gottleib, Western Connecticut State University
WCSU Election Connection 2015

3rd Place: Alex Hirz, Kent State University
The Agenda

Honorable Mention: Abby Deaton & Elizabeth Derstine, Goshen College
A Festival of Carols 2014

Honorable Mention: Jeffrey Whitten, Arthur Garcia, Nathan Jeffers & Eraj Shadaram, California State University Fullerton
Titan Radio Live! featuring Gazoota

Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies Competition

Faculty Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies “Best of” Festival Award: Joel Beeson & Emily Pelland, West Virginia University
Fratured Tour: An Immersive VR Tour of Selma’s Divides (Entertainment & Emerging Technologies Category)

Student Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies “Best of” Festival Award: Kayli Kunkel, Drake University
Urban Plains (Large Team Category)

Faculty Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies Competition


Best of Competition: Kari Barber, University of Nevada, Reno
Struggle & Hope: All-Black Towns – A Responsive Design Participatory Website


Best of Competition: Clay Ewing, University of Miami
ROC United Mobile Diners’ Guide

Student Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies Competition

Large Team

1st Place: Staff of CubaCreatives.uoregon.edu, University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication
Cuba Creatives

2nd Place: My Housing Matters Team, Syracuse University
My Housing Matters

3rd Place: ViewFinder Fall ’15, University of Maryland
Beyond the Sidelines: Voices from the D.C. United experience

Small Team

1st Place: Sarah Prinz, Amy Wilkinson & Daniel Rosenberg, Loyola University Chicago
The Virtual Dance Ensemble

2nd Place: Cheyna Roth & Amelia Havanec, Michigan State University
Exhumed – The Mercer Case


1st Place: Nick Margherita, Elon University
Pressing Issues For Print – An Interactive Documentary

2nd Place: Luke Rafferty, Syracuse University
We Call That hope

3rd Place: Sam Kahle, Elon University
Luna: A Virtual Reality Experience

Honorable Mention: Tiffany MacKins, Elon University
The Gentrification Project

Honorable Mention: Kelsey McCutcheon Fitzgerald, University of Nevada, Reno
Truckee River Guide

News Competition

Faculty News “Best of” Festival Award: David Chanatry, Utica College
Seneca Lake Blockade (Radio Hard News Reporting Category)

Student Newscast “Best of” Festival Award: Emilio Ramos De Jesus, Danielle Maroney & Sarah Rudlang, St. Cloud State University
“UTVS News” (Television Newscast airing 4 or 5 days per week Category)

Student Radio News “Best of” Festival Award: Nicky Ouellet, University of Montana
“An 80’s Cover Band with Global Dreams” (Radio Feature News Reporting Category)

Student Television News “Best of” Festival Award: Daniel Hamburg, Michigan State University
“You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough” (Television Feature News Reporting Category)

Faculty News Competition

Radio Feature News Reporting

Best of Competition: David Chanatry, Utica College
Church Closing

Television Feature News Reporting

Best of Competition: Ray Ekness, University of Montana School of Journalism
Emmett May’s Giant Pumpkin

Student News Competition

Radio Feature Reporting

1st Place: Victor Figueroa, University of Southern California
To Be a Puerto Rican or Not to Be?

2nd Place: Taylor Haney, University of Southern California
An Unofficial Embassy for Los Angeles Kurds

3rd Place (tie): Saffa Magdy, American University Cairo
The Quest: Where do Muslims Fit in the Best?

3rd Place (tie): Jocelyn Coffin, University of Southern California
A Malaysian Mother Contemplates the Importance of Religion & Family

Honorable Mention: Olivia Richard, Arizona State University
Looking for Laurie

Radio Hard News Reporting

1st Place: Jacob McAuliffe, Arizona State University
Homeless Center for Men Closes

2nd Place: Haddy Badjie, Western Kentucky University
Climate Change in the Bluegrass

3rd Place (tie): Kevin Walker, University of Southern California
Can Predictive Policing Decrease Crime?

3rd Place (tie): Stephanie Beckett & Jimmy Wylie, UNC-Chapel Hill
Local Residents, Global Leaders Seek Answers about Student Deaths

Honorable Mention: Avery Hall, UNC-Chapel Hill
Bar Crackdown Makes Some Students Rethink Fake ID’s

Radio Newscast

1st Place: Stephanie Case, Meghan Farnsworth, Christina Campodonico & Elizabeth Nonemaker, University of Southern California
Ampersand-Episode 3: Uprisings

2nd Place: Carolina Connection Staff, UNC-Chapel Hill
Carolina Connection-October 24, 2015

3rd Place: Alyssa Duspiva, Joe Corbisiero, Tiffany Vellis & Joy Jones, Hofstra University
WRHU-FM: Newsline: Winter Storm Juno-January 25, 2015

Honorable Mention: Scott Sidway & Evan Nemec, University of North Texas
KNTU News-Sports-Traffic-Weather

Television Feature Reporting

1st Place: Christina DeVincenzo  , University of Oklahoma
Stoop’s Kids

2nd Place: Chelsea Moss, Bob Jones University
A Dandy Day for Reading

3rd Place: Kay Bennett, Colorado State University
American Sign Language Department Gains Native Signer

Honorable Mention: Gabe Katzman, University of Maryland
Great ShakeOut

Honorable Mention: Megan Thompson, Arizona State University
Many Who DIed Crossing The Border Remain Unidentified

Television Hard News Reporting

1st Place: Susanna Black, UNC-Chapel Hill
Bus Safety Cameras

2nd Place (tie): Ben Smart, UNC-Chapel Hill
Solitary Confinement

2nd Place (tie): Shaelie Clark, Indiana Wesleyan
Summer of Rain

3rd Place: Samantha Lantz, Pennsylvania State University
Sexual Assault on Campus: An Ongoing Issue

Honorable Mention: Jack Royer, University of Alabama
Man Breaks Into Police Station

Television News Anchor

1st Place: Megan Thompson, Arizona State University
Megan Thompson-Anchor Reel

2nd Place (tie): Sarah Rudlang, St. Cloud State University
Sarah Rudlang’s Talent Reel

2nd Place (tie): Sawyer Buccy, University of Arkansas
Sawyer Buccy Anchor Reel

3rd Place: Aubrey McKay, Brigham Young University
Aubrey McKay

Honorable Mention: Lauren Michaels, Arizona State University
Anchor Lauren Michaels-Fall 2015 Semester

Television News Magazine

1st Place: Jesse Woodworth, Ferris State University
Expect Diversity: Policing

2nd Place (tie): Alison Reilly, Jackie DeMate, Alaina Altieri & Jennifer Roberts, Kent State University
Kent Connects

2nd Place (tie): Focal Point Staff, Michigan State University
Focal Point Special Edition: “Bridging The Cultural Divide”

Television News Magazine

3rd Place: Megan Swiatkowski, Marielena Balouris, Amy Simpson & Elizabeth Peter, The Pennsylvania State University – College of Communications
Centre County Report in Hong Kong

Honorable Mention: ViewFinder Spring ’15, University of Maryland
ViewFinder: Eco-Entrepreneurs

Television Newscast (airing 3 days per week or less)

1st Place: Kevin Reilly, Matt Bylis, Emily Schweich, Staff & Volunteers Maryland Newsline, University of Maryland
Maryland Newsline, 12/3/15

2nd Place: Centre County Report Staff, Pennsylvania State University
Centre County Report, 11/20/15

3rd Place: Cailey Taylor, Emma Hogg, Hank Cavagnaro & Deanna Lucille Ambrose, University of Kansas
KUJH News, 12/9/15

Honorable Mention: Kevin Calhoun & Shannon Gronevelt, Central Michigan University
News Central 34, 11/2/15

Television Newscast (airing 4 or 5 days per week)

1st Place: Nicole Fox & Tien Bischoff, Arizona State University
Cronkite News

2nd Place: Jennifer Seller, Maci Smith & Courtney Woltjen, University of Oklahoma
OU Nightly

3rd Place: Adam Donnelly & Ryan Jenot, Lyndon State College
News 7@5:30

Honorable Mention: ElevenNEWS Staff, Brigham Young University
ElevenNEWS November 2, 2015

TV Weathercaster

1st Place: Stefano Dipietro, Pennsylvania State University
Stefano Dipietro-Television Weathercaster

2nd Place: Michael Behrens, Ball State University
Michael Behrens Full Weather-Dec. 1, 2015

3rd Place: Aubrey McKay, Brigham Young University
Aubrey McKay-Weathercaster

Honorable Mention: Ian Klein, Kent State University
Ian Klein

Scriptwriting Competition

Faculty Scriptwriting “Best of” Festival Award: Daniel C. Walsh, Appalachian State University
The Saint of Savannah (Feature/TV Hour Category)

Student Scriptwriting “Best of” Festival Award: Becca Thompson, Missouri State University
When the Morning Comes (Short Subject Category)

Faculty Scriptwriting Competition

Feature/TV Hour

Best of Competition: M.C. Smith & E.R. Womelsduff, Pepperdine University
Canadian Fury

Original TV Series Pilot

1st Place: Sarah Kate Howard, University of Georgia
Nova, Georgia

2nd Place: Patrick Mensah-Boadi, University of Cincinnati
Welcome To Joyne

3rd Place: Mike Monedero, San Francisco State University
Crowded in Here

Honorable Mention: Garrett Davis, University of Oklahoma
Mercury Retrograde

Honorable Mention: Shanrica Evans, University of Alabama

Honorable Mention: Colin Rothamel & Rudy Cervantes, University of North Texas

Student Scriptwriting Competition


1st Place: Wesley Moots, San Jose State University
Hunter of the Vale

2nd Place: Chris Elkins, Valdosta State University
Congregation of Hope

3rd Place: Madeleine Dunaway, University of North Texas
The Curtain Call

Honorable Mention: Erik Olson, University of North Texas
Real Sharp Nives

Honorable Mention: Rachel Wilson, San Jose State University

Honorable Mention: Christian Douglass, Missouri State University
The House Next Door


1st Place: Ciara Van Gheem, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Lena and Mia’s Midsummer Dreams

2nd Place: Brent Primus, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Comic Noir

3rd Place: Christian Douglass and Lauren Johnson, Missouri State University

Short Subject

1st Place: Andrew Morris, Purdue University Calumet
In Persona Christi

2nd Place: Joshua Pfaff & Becca Thompson, Missouri State University
Counting to 1000

3rd Place: Emily Brennan, Xavier University
Will To Power

Honorable Mention: Conrad Joseph Navarro, Purdue University Calumet
Missing Pieces

Honorable Mention: Ryan Huegerich, Missouri State University
Twisted Fate

Honorable Mention: Nick Rumell, Palm Beach Atlanticu University
Broken Sound

Television Spec

1st Place: Edward Hamel, California State University Northridge
Gotham: Hell Followed With Him (Gotham)

2nd Place: Aaron Michael Davis, Ryan Maxwell & Victoria Montanez, Mickey Vincent, Purdue University Calumet
Bates Motel: A Lamb to the Slaughter

3rd Place: Madison Auten, Missouri State University
The Flash – “Abracadabra”

Honorable Mention: Anthony Zuccaro, San Francisco State University

Honorable Mention: Adrian Castillo, California State University Northridge
The Americans: There’s No Place Like Home

Honorable Mention: Connor Burge, Evan Frystak, Troy Gilles, Tyla Miller, De’joie Simmons, Purdue University Calumet
Daredevil: “Grave New World”

Sports Competition

Faculty Sports “Best of” Festival Award: Michael Bruce, University of Alabama
TideSports.com TV (TV Sports Event Direction and Production Category)

Student Sports “Best of” Festival Award:  Ricky Lasser, Karen Tang, University of Maryland
ViewFinder: ParaCommandos (TV Sports Story / Feature Category)

Faculty Sports Competition

Short Form Sports Video

Best of Competition: Barry Gresham, Austin Peay State University
Reedy Sears – APSU Hall of Fame

Sports Radio

Best of Competition: Trent Kling, Pittsburg State University
Frontenac at St. Mary’s-Colgan Basketball

Student Sports Competition

TV Sports Event Production

1st Place: Ball State Sports Link, Ball State University
Ball State Sports Link on ESPN3: Soccer vs. EMU

3rd Place: Katelynn Halter, Elizabeth Burda, Erin Godin & Josh Davis, St. Cloud State University
Men’s Hockey – St. Cloud State University vs. University of North Dakota

TV Sports News Program

Honorable Mention: Mason Flick, Scott Fabbri & Chris Michael, Central Michigan University
Sports Central – 02/23/15

Honorable Mention: CoogTube Staff, Justin Reeder & Erin O’ Sullivan, Brigham Young University
CoogTube October 30th

Honorable Mention: WKU ExtraPoint Student Staff, Western Kentucky University
WKU Extra Point

Honorable Mention: Jeremy Klein & Taylor Budge, St. Cloud State University
Husky Mag

TV Sports Talent (Anchor/Host)

1st Place: Kurtis Quillin, Oklahoma State University
Kurtis Quillin Talent Reel

2nd Place: Jeremy Klein, St. Cloud State University
Jeremy Klein Talent Reel

Honorable Mention: Tyler Feldman, The Pennsylvania State University
Tyler Feldman – TV Sports Talent

Honorable Mention: Tyler Carey, Kent State University
Tyler Carey – Sports Anchor

Honorable Mention: Haley Hughey, University of Oklahoma
Haley Hughey Reel

Honorable Mention: Clara Goodwin, Brigham Young University
Clara Goodwin

Honorable Mention: Kerry O’Shea Crowley, Arizona State University
Kerry Crowley Sports Anchor/Host Reel

Radio Sports Story / Feature / News

1st Place: Dan Lindblad, Oklahoma State University
Baseball Franchise Change

2nd Place: Connor Giblin, Matt Durant & Megan McGuire, Hofstra University
New York Islanders New York Rangers NHL Rivalry – The Next Chapter Begins.

3rd Place: Jacob Garcia, Arizona State University
Senior Day Feature: Vi Teofilo and his Ironman Selflessness

Honorable Mention: Jevin Redman, University of Southern Indiana
December 1 Sportscast

Radio/TV Sports Event, Play-by-Play Talent

1st Place: Evan Nemec & Zach Wolchuk, University of North Texas
Denton High v Grapevine on KNTU

2nd Place: Tyler Bradfield, Ball State University
Ball State Radio Network: Women’s Basketball vs Purdue

3rd Place: Tommy Rezac & Hunter Cave, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Nebraska-Minnesota Football Play-by-Play

Honorable Mention: Jacob Garcia, Arizona State University
CCBL Playoffs Game 1: Wareham Gatemen @ Bourne Braves

TV Sports Event Production

2nd Place: Brad Parsons, Central Michigan University
MCBCtv | S02E04 | 2015 Championship Classic

Honorable Mention: Blair Riley, Jon Elam, Sam DeZeeuw & Becca Rockwell, Lindenwood University
Football Lions vs Northeastern State University

TV Sports News Program

1st Place: Jeremy Klein, St. Cloud State University
Husky Faceoff

2nd Place: Matt McGann, Lucas Messina, Max Gross & Jerrod Stafford, Oklahoma State University
The Poke Report 12-5-2015

3rd Place: Blakely Durham, Courtney Woltjen & Jstyn Strain, University of Oklahoma
Sooner Sports Pad

TV Sports Story / Feature

1st Place: Kurtis Quillin, Oklahoma State University
Flat Seams

2nd Place: Jeremy Klein & Taylor Budge, St. Cloud State University
More Than a Game: The TJ Frerick’s Story

3rd Place: Taylor Curet, Louisiana State University
Swimmer Legacy

Honorable Mention: Matt Lee, Emily Brooks , Kayla Hammer & Emma Sales, Elon University
How To: Golf

Honorable Mention: Zac Miklusak & Noah Reed, Ball State University
Ball State Sports Link: A Walk to Remember – Julian Welsh-White

Honorable Mention: Chelsea Fairbourn, Brigham Young University
Cougar Social Media

Honorable Mention: Meagan Bordayo, Oklahoma State University

TV Sports Talent (Anchor/Host)

3rd Place: Taylor Budge, St. Cloud State University
Taylor Budge Sports Talent Reel

Two-Year Small Colleges Competition

Student Two-Year Small Colleges “Best of” Festival Award: Sam Senser & Jake Bruce, Metropolitan Community College
The Adventures of Vanman and Truckboy (Video/Broadcast Production Category)

Audio Production

1st Place: Brett Wonders & John Kramer, Ohio Northern University
The OAC Show Week 4

2nd Place: Brady Bersano, California Baptist University
The Good Man

3rd Place: Eric Lohmeier, Grossmont College
News broadcast from November 20th, 2015

Honorable Mention: Lauren Koski & Randy Plavajka, California Baptist University
Through the Fence: Hazardous Opinions in the Arlanza Neighborhood

Narrative Video/Broadcast Production

1st Place: Ethan Burch & Cassie Kasicki, Huntington University
Flowers of the Fall

2nd Place: Luke Myers & Mathis Glover, Huntington University

3rd Place: Rachel Hunter, Jonathon Kane, Eric Luce & Ryan Burson, Huntington University

Honorable Mention: Darin Valdez, Emily Griffith Technical College
An EGTC Student Video Production – Still Crazy After All These Years