Faculty International Competition

The competition encourages submission of faculty and student creative works produced outside the U.S.* that promote global engagement and an appreciation and awareness of world languages and cultures. The competition welcomes entries in any language as long as English subtitles or transcripts (for audio projects) are included. 

You are eligible to enter the International Competition if…

  • You were a full-time faculty member  from a  non-U.S.* based university or college during the applicable completion window (see competition rules for details)
  • Your entry was produced while residing outside of the U.S. (including U.S. territories) 
  • A BEA individual member or a member of a WJEC member organization

For those not eligible to enter the International Competition, please submit your entry to ANOTHER BEA Festival competition. 

*Continental U.S., Hawaii and Alaska 

Works produced outside the U.S.* may be entered in either the International Competition or another BEA Festival Competition, but not both. 

Entry Submission Categories

Audio Category  
The Audio Competition welcomes submissions that showcase audio storytelling skills for radio broadcast or digital audiences across a range of content areas, such as: advertising/promotion, entertainment, instruction, news, sports, etc. Entries typically include, but are not limited to, the following types of submissions: 

  • Short-form entries such as commercials/spot advertising, promotional, news packages, and public service announcements 
  • Long-form entries such as podcasts, radio documentaries, news features, and specialty programs 

Documentary Category
The Documentary Competition encourages submissions that showcase nonfiction documentaries. Promotional videos are not allowed. Therefore, a sponsor/funding source of a submitted documentary cannot also be its subject (e.g. a historical documentary about your school cannot be funded by your school). This includes ‘in-kind’ support beyond what is normally offered in producing outside documentaries. Promotional videos are entered in the Film and Video category. Entries include:

  • Short Form Video or Film Documentaries  
  • Long Form Video or Film Documentaries  

Film and Video Category 

The Film and Video Competition welcomes submissions that showcase film and video projects across a range of narrative and commercial content areas, such as: advertising/promotion, entertainment, instruction, narrative film, sports, etc. Entries typically include, but are not limited to, the following types of submissions: 

  • Short-form projects include Commercials/Spot Advertising, Promotional, and Public Service Announcements  
  • Long-form projects include promotional videos, narrative films, and specialty programs such as educational or instructional videos 

Television News Category
The Television News Competition (faculty or student) showcases outstanding video storytelling for television broadcast or digital audiences. Entries typically include, but are not limited to, the following types of submissions: 

  • feature and hard news reporting, 
  • newscasts, 
  • news magazine/public affairs programming.

Eligibility Requirements* (see submission qualifications above)


  • Only faculty works completed between December 15, 2020 and December 15, 2022 are eligible for submission. 

The creative competition is open to faculty  who completed their entry while employed at a college or university. Predominant Authorship and Originality: The Festival of Media Arts invites submissions of original creative works in which the entrant maintained predominant authorship over the project’s content and aesthetics (producing, directing, writing, editing, etc.). Entries under the role of executive producer are accepted ONLY if as producer the entrant was significantly involved in the entry’s design and creation.

The entrant agrees that all licenses, copyrights, and permissions have been cleared to ensure that the submission can legally and ethically be presented at the BEA Festival of Media Arts and online at the BEA website. If an entity other than the entrant owns the rights to all or part of the submitted program, the entrant must attach written consent from the owner or an authorized representative of the owner to the entry form.

Global entries not in English should have English subtitles or transcripts for audio submissions.

For any creative competition queries, please contact: Becky Beamer, beckybeamer@gmail.com

Please read the Faculty Competition Rules to verify that your entry meets all eligibility requirements for submission.