2023 Recognition of Institutional Excellence in Media

BEA is pleased to announce the 2023 rankings of schools based on the creative achievement of their students. The rankings, which began in 2022, are founded on the results from the BEA Festival of Media Arts. The BEA Festival is the preeminent international media competition focused on student and faculty creative endeavors. In the last five years alone, over 6,000 student creative works were submitted from BEA’s more than 300 member institutions around the globe. Entries go through a blind-juried review in the following competitions: Audio, Documentary, Film & Video, Interactive Multimedia & Emerging Technologies, News, Scriptwriting, and Sports.

The rankings are not an overall evaluation of an academic program, but an evaluation of the quality and consistency of students’ creative works produced at one institution compared to those at other institutions. While the BEA has been evaluating student works for nearly 20 years in competition, the rankings are based on the past five-year period of student success. Because of the breadth of media taught at participating institutions, individual rankings are provided in each of the seven different media competitions that have at least a five-year history. Additionally, there is an Overall Ranking based on a combined achievement across the multiple media creative disciplines.

Only the top 20% of entries become a Festival winner. There are five levels of awards: Best of Festival, First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and Award of Excellence. The rankings take into account both the quantity and quality of student works. For instance, Best of Festival winners are given a higher weight than Awards of Excellence. While the BEA honors outstanding achievements of both faculty and students, the rankings focus solely on student accomplishments. In the “2023 BEA Festival Student Achievement Rankings,” nearly 170 schools are represented with student winners.

The Broadcast Education Association is the premiere international academic media organization, driving insights, excellence in media production, and career advancement for educators, students, and professionals. The Festival of Media Arts was created and is organized by BEA faculty across the globe to honor the amazing works of both students and faculty. Over $19,000 in prizes is awarded each year, thanks to the generous longtime sponsorship of the Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation and the continued Diana King Memorial Endowment.

2023 Top Winning Overall Programs

1Arizona State University
2University of Oklahoma
3Syracuse University
4Missouri State University
5Huntington University
6University of Florida
7Taylor University
8Ball State University
9Elon University
10Rowan University
11Pennsylvania State University
12Michigan State University
13Goshen College
14Huntington University Arizona
15University of Southern California
16University of Miami
17Palm Beach Atlantic University
18The American University in Cairo
19West Virginia University
20Brigham Young University
21St. Cloud State University
22University of Maryland
23University of North Texas
24James Madison University
25University of Georgia
26Colorado State University
27Ithaca College
28Liberty University
29Middle Tennessee State University
29Loyola University Chicago
31Northern Arizona University
32Southern Illinois University Carbondale
33Appalachian State University
34University of Nebraska-Omaha
35California State University Fullerton
36University of South Carolina
37University of Southern Indiana
38University of Indianapolis
39York College of Pennsylvania
40Ohio University
40Harding University
42University of North Carolina Wilmington
43Oklahoma State University
44Bethany Lutheran College
45Xavier University
46Purdue University Northwest
47Marshall University
47University of Arkansas
49Hofstra University
50San Francisco State University
51San Jose State University
52University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
53Westminster College
54University of Nebraska-Lincoln
55University of Alabama
56University of Central Florida
57Ferris State University
58Illinois State University
58Kansas State University
60George Fox University
60St. Bonaventure University
60Temple University
60University of La Verne
64Linfield University
64Western Connecticut State University
66SUNY New Paltz
67Kentucky Wesleyan College
68John Carroll University
69Midwestern State University
69Northwest Missouri State University
69University of Guam
72Southeastern Louisiana University
73Drake University
73Georgia College & State University
75Cogswell College
75East Carolina University
77University of Central Oklahoma
78Lee University
78University of Texas at Arlington
80Indiana State University
81Champlain College
81SUNY Oswego
81University of Mississippi
81University of Toledo
85Bethel University
85Central Michigan University
85Lynn University
85Palomar College
85Purdue University
85University of Connecticut
91Bowling Green State University
91Fort Hays State University
91Gordon College
91SUNY Brockport
91Tulane University
91University of Memphis
91University of Montana
98University of Seville
99Biola University
99East Tennessee State University
99Virginia Commonwealth University

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2023 Top Winning Audio Programs

1Rowan University
2Goshen College
3Taylor University
4Missouri State University
5University of Nebraska-Omaha
6Arizona State University
7The American University in Cairo
8University of Southern Indiana
8York College of Pennsylvania
10University of Indianapolis
11Liberty University
12Southern Illinois University Carbondale
13Huntington University
14Harding University
15Kentucky Wesleyan College
16Kansas State University
17West Virginia University
18Appalachian State University
18University of La Verne
20Cogswell College
21Colorado State University
22Linfield University
22Marshall University
24John Carroll University
25Northern Arizona University
26Nottingham Trent University
26Oakland University
28Virginia Commonwealth University
29American University
29Berry College
29Ithaca College
29North Carolina Central University
29The College at Brockport
29University of North Texas

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2023 Top Winning Documentary Programs

1Taylor University
2Arizona State University
3The American University in Cairo
4Colorado State University
5University of Florida
6Rowan University
7Ball State University
8Syracuse University
9Loyola University Chicago
9Midwestern State University
11Michigan State University
12SUNY New Paltz
13Ferris State University
14Pennsylvania State University
14University of Oklahoma
16University of Central Florida
17Huntington University Arizona
17University of North Texas
19University of Guam
20Elon University
20Missouri State University
20Texas Christian Univeristy

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2023 Top Winning Film & Video Programs

1University of Oklahoma
2Huntington University
3Elon University
4Huntington University Arizona
5Missouri State University
6Taylor University
7University of Florida
8Palm Beach Atlantic University
9Rowan University
10University of North Carolina Wilmington
11Syracuse University
12James Madison University
13University of Maryland
14University of North Texas
15Goshen College
16Loyola University Chicago
16Pennsylvania State University
18Colorado State University
19Hofstra University
20Harding University
21University of Alabama
22Middle Tennessee State University
23Appalachian State University
23Lee University
25Bethany Lutheran College
25Xavier University
27Palomar College
27Purdue University
27University of Connecticut
30University of Texas at Arlington
31Ithaca College
31Liberty University
31Southern Illinois University
31University of Georgia
31University of Guam
31Westminster College

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2023 Top Winning Interactive Multimedia & Emerging Technology Programs

1Syracuse University
2Elon University
3West Virginia University
4University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
5San Jose State University
6Arizona State University
7James Madison University
8University of Southern California
9University of Maryland
10California State University Fullerton
11Michigan State University
11Ohio University
11University of Seville

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2023 Top Winning News Programs

1Arizona State University
2University of Oklahoma
3University of Florida
4University of Southern California
5Syracuse University
6Pennsylvania State University
7Brigham Young University
8University of Miami
9Michigan State University
10West Virginia University
11University of South Carolina
12University of Maryland
13Elon University
14California State University Fullerton
15Northern Arizona University
16University of North Texas
17University of Arkansas
18Ohio University
19Rowan University
20Oklahoma State University
21Ithaca College
22Middle Tennessee State University
23Indiana State University
24University of Toledo
25The American University in Cairo
25University of Nebraska-Lincoln
25Liberty University
28Goshen College
28St. Bonaventure University
28University of Memphis
28University of Montana
32Huntington University Arizona
33St. Cloud State University
34University of Mississippi

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2023 Top Winning Scriptwriting Programs

1Missouri State University
2University of Georgia
3Huntington University
4Palm Beach Atlantic University
5University of Oklahoma
6Purdue University Northwest
7San Francisco State University
8Xavier University
9Appalachian State University
9James Madison University
11Illinois State University
12George Fox University
13Westminster College
14Southern Illinois University Carbondale
15University of Central Florida

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2023 Top Winning Sports Programs

1Arizona State University
2Ball State University
3Syracuse University
4St. Cloud State University
5University of Oklahoma
6Pennsylvania State University
7University of Miami
8Michigan State University
9University of Florida
10Ithaca College
11Middle Tennessee State University
12Bethany Lutheran College
13Northern Arizona University
14Ohio University
14Oklahoma State University
16Brigham Young University
16Marshall University
18Southeastern Louisiana University
19University of Indianapolis
20Elon University
21Temple University
22Bethel University
23Fort Hays State University
23St. Bonaventure University
23University of North Texas
26University of Nebraska-Lincoln
27Baylor University
27Ohio University
27University of Maryland
27University of Southern Indiana
27West Virginia University

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