BEA Research Grants

Past Recipients

2023 Recipients

Flora Khoo, Regent University; Breaking silences: Voices of the Children of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

Austin Hubner, University of Louisville; Trust the media or one’s political ingroup? Examining how individuals process news media articles shared on social media.

Miao Guo & Carolyn Lin, University of Connecticut; Antecedents and Consequences of Multimodal Misinformation Consumption: A Mixed-Methods Approach.

Michel Haigh, Texas State University; Shelley Wigley, University of Texas, Arlington & Erin Hester, University of Kentucky; Antecedents and Consequences of Multimodal Misinformation Consumption: A Mixed-Methods Approach

2022 Recipients

Roxane Coche, University of Florida; How Paris 1924 paved the way for Paris 2024 and the evolving Olympic media spectacle

Kirsten Johnson, Elizabethtown College; Journalists’ and Citizens’ Views on Personalization and Credibility of News from Electronic Media Outlets

Kaley Nacole Martin, The University of Alabama; Getting the Real-World News Experience: A Revised TAM Model to Measure Augmented Reality’s Effects on Journalism Audiences’ Acceptance and Perceived Credibility of News

Bryan McLaughlin, Texas Tech University; Identifying the Risk Factors for News Addiction

Serena Miller, Michigan State University; The Media Storytelling Role in Journalism