Leibner Cooper Grant for Creative Productions on the History of Media

Program FAQs

Who is recognized as a Leibner Cooper Grant recipient?

A faculty member who is producing a documentary, news story, multimedia project or sports production focused on historical issues, figures and/or events related to media.

Is the grant for a project you are currently working on?

The project can be either a work in progress, or a concept you are getting off the ground.  

Who are Carole Cooper and Richard Leibner?

The grant was made possible by Carole Cooper and Richard Leibner. Carole Cooper and Richard Leibner have nurtured and advanced the careers of many of the leading journalists of our time and whose firm N.S. Bienstock has been synonymous with quality journalism for more than 50 years. Leibner and Cooper are co-presidents of Bienstock, a talent agency serving many of the biggest television news personalities, including Anderson Cooper, Megyn Kelly, Steve Kroft, David Muir, Norah O’Donnell, Robin Roberts, Bill Whitaker, and many more. Bienstock was acquired by United Talent Agency in 2014, but remains under the management of Leibner and Cooper.

How much is the grant?

The grant is for $2,500. The recipient will receive the grant in May, following the BEA convention in April.

How are the recipients recognized?

  • Winners are recognized at a BEA awards ceremony held during BEA’s annual convention in Las Vegas, NV each April.
  • A press release and promotion through BEA’s website and social media.
  • A plaque to recognize the recipient for their service and distinction. 
  • The recipient will receive a $2,500 award check following the convention.
When is the application due?

Applications are due on December 15th.

Who can I contact with questions?

Email heather@BEAweb.org or mdbruce@ua.edu with questions.