Diversity & Inclusion Awards

Past D&I Creative Award Recipients

Joseph Kraemer, Chung-Wei Huang & Marc May, Towson University; It Takes Courage: Reporting Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct


Geri Alumit Zeldes, Jason Howard, Evan Kutz & Faye Kollig, Michigan State University; Brenda’s Story: Undocumented to Documented

Erica Pulley, San Francisco State University; Asian Law Alliance: Trang & Hanh’s Story


Tom Neff, Shelley Hay, Barry Rubinow, Paul Chilsen & Richard Lewis, Middle Tennessee State University; Mr. Temple and the Tigerbelles


Kim Fox & Sarah Hassan, The American University in Cairo; Ramadan Across Social Classes in Cairo


John J. Valadez & Carleen L. Hsu, Michigan State University; The Head of Joaquin Murrieta