Distinguished Education Service Award (DESA)

Program FAQs

Who is recognized as a DESA recipient?

DESA recipients are individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to the American system of electronic media education by virtue of a singular achievement or continuing service for or on behalf of electronic media education. 

How are winners recognized?
  • Winners are recognized at a BEA awards ceremony held during BEA’s annual convention held in Las Vegas, NV each April.
  • A complimentary registration to attend BEA’s annual convention.
  • A plaque to recognize the recipient for their service and distinction. 
If I nominate someone, is the nomination only active for one year?

Each DESA nomination is considered active for three years. The committee will contact the nominator if they need updated information within that time.

Who do I contact with questions?

You can contact BEA’s help desk with questions at help@BEAweb.org or the current BEA Board Vice President of Academic Relations who serves as chair of the committee.