Radio Wants You!

To ensure the flow of great young talent into the Radio Industry, Radio must expand its interaction at the university level.  One way the Bayliss Foundation has found to say “Radio Wants You” is to introduce outstanding students to progressive Radio companies during the years their career choices are being made.

Bayliss Intern Program Overview:

Bayliss Foundation endows $5,000 scholarships annually through the Bayliss Intern Program.
Foundation staff members coordinate with 10 to 15 of the top communications schools in the United States to provide outstanding junior and senior-level students for placement in internship positions with major radio corporations .
Broadcasters pay a fee of $5,000 per intern to the Bayliss Foundation to develop and implement the intern program, and to interact with the universities.
Virtually all fees pass directly into the Bayliss Radio Scholarship fund.
Bayliss Foundation assigns interns to radio stations based on market locations, department needs, and student strengths.
Bayliss Interns receive $8 to $10 per hour from the Radio Corporation and work approximately 30 hours per week for an 8-week period in the summer.

Your company's participation in the Bayliss Intern Program will have a dramatic impact on our ability to find and attract the very best to Radio. The comments below from several intern program participants demonstrate that a solid partnership between the Radio Industry and great American communication schools is not only possible, but also essential to attracting and keeping the next generation of superstars interested in a career in Radio.

For more information or to become a participant, please call me at 831-655-5229, or email me at khfranke@baylissfoundation.org.
Thank you.
Kit Hunter Franke Executive Director

Radio Station Supervisors

"The Bayliss intern program provided us with students who were passionate about their learning experience. Previously, I've had interns who were trying to find out if radio was right for them or not. With the Bayliss interns that I supervised, I had two people who had experience and who were excited about radio. They were like sponges when it came to learning about the industry for career purposes."
- Ann Arbor, MI

"It's great having a qualified group handle the intern screening process. This enables us to get the best radio interns, with little or no effort! The interns arrived with basic tools to handle specific tasks. That makes our job training them even better!"
- New York, NY

"Having an intern with an insight to radio operations was helpful. He was willing to do anything."
- Albany, NY

College Interns

"I've learned so much from college radio, but this opportunity gave me knowledge I could never have learned in class. My favorite part of the Bayliss internship was the 'real-world' experience I got from WBMX. I liked learning about radio on a larger scale."
- Monmouth University

"My placement at Clear Channel Ann Arbor was the biggest piece of the puzzle relating to my radio education; every step of my intern experience helped me gain trust in the fact that I can be successful in the industry, and soon!"
- Michigan State University

"The Bayliss intern program reconfirmed my choice to do communications for a living."
- Syracuse University

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