John Bayliss was one of the best friends the broadcast industry ever had. He adored radio because it suited so well his desire to serve, and to interact with, other people. He was as much in awe of the medium as he was a master of it.

In his 25 years of radio management and sales, he established an enviable record of performance and profitability. From October, 1976 to February, 1980, Mr. Bayliss was president of Gannett Broadcasting's radio division. During his tenure, the division was involved in 15 station transactions,and he earned Hall Radio Report nominations for Radio Executive of the Year and Group Executive of the Year in 1977 and 1978.

From March to December, 1980, Mr. Bayliss headed the broadcast group of Charter Broadcasting's communications division and was an equity partner in Charter Media Company. He was also owner-operator of Bayliss Broadcasting, which operated KSMA-AM/KSNI-FM Santa Maria, California. His wife, Alice, continued with that endeavor through 1999.

In November, 1980, Mr. Bayliss was named president of Charter's eight-station group. In his first year he initiated managerial, administrative and programming changes that enabled Charter to turn around its operating fortunes substantially. Prior to 1976, Mr. Bayliss served in a variety of increasingly responsible radio positions, gaining the experience and knowledge later used to achieve record billings, top ratings and high profit margins - which earned him a reputation as an innovative, problem-solving leader at the forefront of the broadcasting industry.

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