2021 “Best of Festival” King Foundation Award Winners Announced

Eighteen faculty and student works have been chosen to receive the BEA Best of Festival King Foundation Awards – the top awards given during BEA’s Festival of Media Arts, a competitive festival open to BEA faculty and student members. 

Best of Festival winners were announced during the 19th Annual BEA Best of Festival King Foundation Awards Ceremony which was held as a virtual event on Monday, March 29.  Recipients will receive a cash award of $1,000 from the Charles and Lucille King Family Foundation and faculty winners will participate in a series of BEA2021 convention sessions to showcase their creative work.  The 2021 Best of Festival winners were selected from a pool of over 1,350 entries, representing over 300 colleges and universities in the following competitions: audio, documentary, film & video, interactive multimedia, news, scriptwriting, sports and two-year colleges.

2021 Best of Festival Winners

Faculty Audio Competition
Phil Wilson, Huntington University Arizona; Show Trailer: Curiouser & Curiouser (Sound Engineering and Design)

Student Audio Competition
Kadie Spoor, Goshen College; On Air With Kadie (On-Air Personality)

Faculty Documentary Competition
Joseph V. Brown, University of Denver; Operation Wolf Patrol (Documentary Feature)

Student Documentary
Laiqa Hitt & Jared Bunn, Syracuse University; Panacea (Short-Form Documentary)

Faculty Film & Video Competition
Jami Ramberan & Srikanth Nandigama, Howard University: Vote (Promotional Video)

Student Film & Video Competition
Grace Axthelm, Faith Morgan & Zheng Qu, University of Oklahoma; Driving Advertising (Instructional/Educational)

Alec Knopf, Alexander Ke & Michael Fleener, Missouri State University; ZETA (Narrative)

Faculty Interactive Multimedia & Emerging Technologies Competition
Richard Lewis & Rodrigo Gómez Claros, Middle Tennessee State University; What Took You So Long (Interactive Reality)

Student Interactive Multimedia and Emerging Technologies Competition
Delia M. Palmisano, Ohio University; Prescription Nature/Green Time Over Screen Time (Multimedia Storytelling)

Faculty News Competition
Michael Riecke, SUNY Oswego; As You Shelter in Place, Don’t Forget About Your Car (Radio Feature News Reporting)

Student News Competition
Caitlynn McDaniel, Arizona State University; Wildlife Trade (Radio Feature)

Olivya Bryant
Huntington University Arizona, Baked Chemistry (Television Long Feature Reporting)

60 Minutes Masterclass, Elon University; 30 Minutes – Season 10 (TV News Magazine)

Faculty Sports Competition
Chris Bacon, Middle Tennessee State University; The Sports Gig Podcast (Episode 6) (Sports Radio)

Student Sports Competition
Daria Buschur & Aaliyah Prim, Ball State University; 2020 Ball State Football (Promotional Video/Tease/PSA)

Faculty Scriptwriting Competition
Jacob Johnston, Liberty University; Stealers (Episodic Short)

Student Scriptwriting Competition
Taylor Potter & Ana González, University of Georgia; Buyer’s Remorse (Original Television Series Pilot)

Student Two-Year College Competition
Isaac J. Anderson, Nash Community College; Bruises On Your Shoulders (Narrative)
For a complete list of winners for all of the Festival of Media Arts competitions, please visit www.beafestival.org