Student Video Competition


BEA’s Festival of Media Arts Student Video Competition provide an opportunity for students at colleges and universities to showcase their video production work from the past year in a wide range of categories. Entries will be accepted from November 15 – December 15 and winners will be showcased during an awards ceremony at the BEA Convention in Las Vegas in April. The Student Video competition accepts entries in the following categories:

SV1 – Animation/Experimental/Mixed: This category is intended for animated films, artistic/experimental films and entries that do not “fit” in any of the other student video categories. In addition to technical and narrative excellence, projects entered in this category are expected to “push the traditional envelope.”

SV2 – Instructional/Educational: This category is intended for entries where the primary goal is to instruct or educate the viewer. While documentary and news projects often have instructional or educational content, they are generally a better fit for the student documentary and news competitions and should not be entered here.

SV3 – Music Video: This category is intended for original music videos produced for an individual or group who maintains ownership of the music and lyrics performed. The entrant must have rights to all music and image content for projects submitted to this category.

SV4 – Narrative: This category is intended for realism narratives (comedy, drama, etc.). If your narrative is tremendously fragmented or non-traditional, it should be entered in the Animation/Experimental/Mixed category.

SV5 – Spots: This category includes Public Service Announcements, commercials and advertisements between 15 and 60 seconds.

SV6 – Promotional (Promo material more than 60 seconds): This category includes longer promotional pieces such as “fund-raising pieces” for non-profits or “recruiting films” for athletic departments.

SV7 – Studio (multi-camera or live-to-tape): This category is intended for entries where the majority of editing was done live rather than in post-production. Some “pre-edited” segments may be “rolled into” the live program, but to a large degree, judges are looking for achievement in the live portions of the program.

Please read the Student Competition Rules to verify that your entry meets all eligibility requirements for submission.


Ronald Johnson | Student Video Vice Chair (SV1-Animation/Experimental/Mixed)
Wartburg College |

Keren E. Henderson | Student Video Vice Chair (SV1-Animation/Experimental/Mixed)
Syracuse University |

Phillip Powell | Student Video Vice Chair (SV2-Instructional)
Valparaiso University |

Lakshmi Tirumala | Student Video Vice Chair (SV3-Music Video)
University of Cincinnati |

Andrew Ray | Student Video Vice Chairs (SV4-Narrative)
Palm Beach Atlantic University |

Robert Gordon | Student Video Vice Chair (SV4-Narrative)
Middle Tennessee State University |

Ginger Blackstone | Student Video Vice Chair (SV4-Narrative)
Harding University |

Kerri O’Farrell | Student Video Vice Chair (SV4-Narrative)
Pierce College |

Don Piper | Student Video Vice Chair (SV5-Spots up to 60 seconds)
Palm Beach Atlantic University |

James F. McNab | Student Video Vice Chair (SV5-Spots up to 60 seconds)
Drake University |

Robert Powell | Student Video Vice Chair (SV5-Spots up to 60 seconds)
High Point University |

Joanne Littlefield | Student Video Vice Chair (SV6-Promotional longer than 60 seconds)
Colorado State University |

Kellie Sapp | Student Video Vice Chair (SV6-Promotional longer than 60 seconds)
Aims Community College |

Nick Taylor | Student Video Vice Chair (SV7-Studio)
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley |