Faculty Sports Competition

Denise Belafonte Young | Faculty Chair
Lynn University | dbelafonte@lynn.edu

Each year the Sports Division of BEA spotlights the best work of student and faculty sports journalists from across the country. Radio and television anchors, reporters and producers showcase their creativity in this highly competitive competition. Entries will be accepted from November 15 – December 15 and winners will be showcased during an awards ceremony at the BEA Convention in Las Vegas in April in the following categories:

FS1 – Short Form Sports Video (30 seconds-10 minutes)- This category consists of videos that run between 30 seconds and 10 minutes. Categories can include sports promos, commercials (spots), sports packages, feature packages, mini-documentaries, highlight reels, etc. Faculty should produce and direct the entire project.

FS2 – Long Form Sports Video (11 minutes-30 minutes)- This category consists of videos that run between 11 minutes and 30 minutes. Categories can include feature packages, sports documentaries, pre-game/post-game studio shows and interviews, gameshows, etc. Faculty should produce and direct the entire project.

FS3 – Sports Radio- This category consists of radio/audio projects. There is no set time limit, but judges may only listen to the first ten minutes or so. Categories can include, radio spots, promos, feature packages, sports documentaries, pre-game/post-game interviews, gameshows, etc.This category can include live game production. Faculty should produce and direct the entire project.

FS4 – Sports Mixed Video (Teacher/Student Co-Production): This broad category consists of co-productions where videos are created in collaborative efforts of teachers and students. The intent here is to give opportunity outside high-end “professional” production. Entries to this category must be the substantive work of a full-time faculty member who has student involvement only at the level of assisting the faculty member’s work. The faculty member should have done at least 75% of the work including production and post-production. It should not be the work of students supervised by a faculty member.

FS5 – TV Sports Event Direction and Production- This category consists of faculty members who have directed a multi-camera game or event either live- or live-to-tape utilizing students or other faculty members as their crew. Director must have at least 75% involvement of all facets of the game or event including pre-production, production, post-production and distribution when applicable.

Please read the Faculty Competition Rules to verify that your entry meets all eligibility requirements for submission.